Far Beyond the Quiet

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Catriona Saunders, a world-renowned psychic is in search of a well-deserved holiday. She stumbles upon a quaint villa nestled in the mountains of Tuscany, Italy. Catriona was sadly mistaken as to finding some peace and quiet. At first, she is enamored with the tranquility of the Monte Pisano and the rustic house she came upon. When suddenly she notices an old oak tree at the far end of the garden. The characteristics of the oak tree enthralled Catriona. Its majestic branches were reaching out toward the impeccable black sky. What secrets can this old tree hold? Can the seven graves encoded with symbols forming the Seal of God or Sigillum Dei Aemeth, bring to light the mysteries? Stories of the past had been lost in the darkness of time. A painful evolution had befallen the oak tree. The villagers prayed that their faith would allegorically purify them. While several churches had been built, the castle of Montecchio had been turned into a Monastery. Thus, ruled by the Charterhouse of Calci. Due to constant floods and wars, there had been many religious doubts. Pagan rituals would surface from time to time. Spells were whispered in the wind, hoping to change the course of life and death. God’s geometry had been questioned. But the real question is, why Catriona Saunders....the psychic who speaks to the dead?

Mystery / Thriller
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Connie Shipley

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” - Albert Einstein

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