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"Serenity" is going back into theatres after decades of being forgotten. A widely known play since the late 70's, Diana McKenny is put into a lot of pressure as she gets the lead role of Precious, a controversial character ever since 1987. Some say it's cursed. Some say the role is haunted. Others say it's dark. But the only reason they actually say those things is because of what happened to Nadia Baracelli--the star who played the role of Precious way back 1987, who got shot on stage while delivering her lines. And now the play is back. Precious is back. So is Nadia. Strange things start to happen and mystery slowly starts to unravel as the day of the premiere quickly approaches. Diana starts to see and feel things. People she know slowly drifts away. And in the midst of the situation, she can feel it deep inside her. A mission to prove that Precious’ character isn’t, at all, cursed for death. A mission to find Nadia’s killer, and quite possibly, hers.

Mystery / Thriller
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I will never see the light again.

The love of my life, fading away in a quick sound of darkness. Doom takes over me as people run away and I lie in a pool of agony. My lips, quivering in desperate noise and menacing silence. My breath, taking its last hitch.

I will never see the light again.

My feet is completely submerged to the ground where there is no chance of escape. My hands are tied, my eyes are blindfolded.

I will never see the light again.

Hear me and listen.

I will never see the light again.
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