Candishell:The unbroken

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All family secrets have been revealed, a wedding is in motion .Evil is ready to attack again but will take her time to come out .This time the family has to put their heads together and end this once and for all.

Mystery / Scifi
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The wedding

Isobel had been to all the stores in the past three hours but she still hadn’t found her perfect dress .She reached for her phone to check how the girls were doing for their bridesmaid’s dresses.“How’s it going, girls?” she asked with excitement in her voice,” It’s going great mom, we will be with you in an hour and you can check them out ″.Isobel was relieved to hear that they had found their perfect dresses and she tried on more dresses while waiting but to her disappointment she couldn’t find the right one .″MOM! MOM!” Shouted the girls with excitement , Isobel walked out of the room and called for them .The girls walked towards her and she saw them carrying three sets of dresses .She wondered who the third outfit was for , “Why three outfits ?″ She asked inquisitively “For you, of course “they answered together.″Go on try it out “said Rose excitedly .Meanwhile Nick was trying on his suit for the wedding and he was having some trouble, so he called up Rose “Hey, can you help me out?″.“Dad, what’s wrong?″ asked Rose, “I just can’t find the right color, help me choose?″ he replied ″Dad, try cream .It’s mom’s favorite color.

Isobella walked out of the dressing room in her white gown and both the girls were awestruck. Rachael had never seen her mom look so pretty before and she had no words to describe it. Isobella looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel perfect in that gown , she tried on a few veils to go with it and finally she found what she was looking for .They left the store to catch up with nick for lunch , in the past few months everyone had been on their toes because of the anonymous letters and they had been unable to enjoy a meal together .Everyone had been worried about Rachael and the still standing threat but after two months of silence Isobel and the girls felt less threatened .They were back to normal and now preparing for the wedding was their sole tension. Nick joined them at the restaurant where they had a full seven course meal with desert at the end, on their way back they even bough ice cream for the night .In the evening, Nick and Isobel went over to the bakery to select a cake or moreover get a custom cake for their wedding. The girls went to the park for a evening stroll and some games with their newly made friends , ever since Rachael had magically recovered from her leg injury she was able to make friends quite easily .She had known them for weeks now but this was the first time she was allowed to play without a chaperon and she never had more fun .After playing for some time , she went and sat with Rose on a park bench to talk .They had become very close in the past few months and it was easier communicating , they talked for hours totally unaware that they were being watched .

Three nights before the wedding, Isobel and nick had their bachelor party and it was a blast. Even though Nick wished his best friend Edward could have made it, he was happy and totally excited for the wedding and it was then that he realized he had to take precautions if things went wrong. He was worried yet again and so he took all safety measures for the wedding and got all the help he needed. Two days before the wedding all the guests had arrived except Nick’s parents , he always had trouble getting along with his family but things had gotten worse ever since he quit his job with John .His family had been friends with john’s family for years and when Nick quit their ties got severed .Nick explained it to them many times and instead of blaming John and his ways they turned against Isobel .So , they didn’t support their wedding but Isobel’s parents were very happy with the announcement and they were the first guests to arrive .Isobel was happy and thankful that her parents support her through everything , so she decided to spend the entire day with them . When Isobel had divorced Nick she decide to go back to England her home land and live with her parents for sometime .At the time Rachael was only 4 years old but she was close with her dad and it was difficult to explain to her that her dad had died .Her parents helped take care of the kids while Isobel walked from one interview to another .After a few months, she found a perfect job that was close to home and highly paid. She was able to pick herself up after that and with her parents support she didn’t have to worry about the kids .After an year in the job , she was offered a promotion but she had to travel to a different country for that .The first week she didn’t talk to her parents about but then the deadline was getting closer and she told them .They were happy for her and told her that they supported any decision she made .Her mom helped her pack and they helped her move in to the new house as well . They had helped her a lot but she had lost touch with them for the past two -three years and she felt bad about that .She took her mom and dad shopping , to the bar , for lunch and also went to an amusement park .It was a perfect day , Nick was spending the day working on his lab and other precautions for the safety of his family .Edward was helping him a lot and even though Nick was tensed he was having fun with his friend and best man .Isobel told her parents that she wanted both of them to walk her down the aisle. Her bridesmaids were preparing everything for the wedding, the flower arrangements, the music and the seating arrangements. By the end of the day everybody was exhausted and dropped to bed immediately.

Wedding day, there was chaos everywhere the bride getting ready along with her bridesmaids .The last of the decoration, guests prepping for the weddings and the pastor for the wedding. Isobel was tensed before the wedding, she had married before and it was the same person but she was still a little scared .Her parents walked in and gave her a hug and some advice before the wedding, the girls walked in and joined the hug. They looked so adorable and beautiful in their bridesmaid’s dresses. Isobel wanted some time with her parents because she was so nervous and a little part of her was worried about her daughters. Her parents told her that both the girls had come out to be very strong women and she had nothing to worry about .She gave them a long hug and told them that she was really glad that they have always been there for her . It was time for the wedding, nick stood at the end of the aisle waiting for the bride. The music played and the bridesmaids walked along with their dates, Rachael with Edward and rose with her boyfriend .The girls stood opposite Nick and the boys, the music played again and The bride walked down the aisle with her mom on one arm and dad on the other. They passed her hand to nick and took their seats, the wedding vows were exchanged and the pastor announced them Husband and wife .It was now time for the bouquet toss and all the single ladies stood in a straight line behind the bride to catch the bouquet .She tossed the bouquet and it landed right in the hands of Ava, her best friend from college. The wedding was beautiful and everybody was really happy, nick finally felt like nothing wrong was happening tonight and he decided to let go and enjoy the moment. Even though everyone was relaxed , they knew that eventually something bad was bound to happen and so enjoying every moment now would make up for the moments they lost . After the wedding, everyone made their way to the reception hall to celebrate the newly wedded couple. The reception was slow at first; everyone was enjoying drinks and the starters on their tables, chatting to their friends. Then it was time for the father daughter dance, the bride danced with her father and after a few moments, some other guests joined in to dance with their father. The girls danced with Nick on the dance floor and everyone was having a jolly time , then the bride stepped off the dance floor and everybody went back to their previous setting .It was then time for a couples dance ,it started with Nick and Isobel and then Everybody joined the couple on the dance floor . The music picked up its tempo and everyone was dancing in freestyle, the evening was turning out to be equally perfect as the wedding. The girls were dancing with their friends and everyone was having the time of their life. Isobel danced with her daughters and she was very happy to see that Rachael was enjoying herself. While everybody was on the dance floor, an unbidden guest walked through the doors .It was a girl almost the age of Isobel and she walked to a corner of the room with her drink while scanning the room intensely but no one had noticed her yet.

Nick walked off the floor with Isobel to grab drinks and that is when they stopped to notice the girl in the corner .Isobel wasn’t ready for the night to turn bad, she walked over to the girl .Nick watched from a distance, Isobel asked the girl if she was a relative of one of the guests and to that she replied “I’m Edward’s girlfriend, he invited me to the wedding but I got held up at work, sorry for being late″. Isobel was astonished but at peace by this answer, she answered “Let me tell my husband to call Edward immediately ″ after saying so she motioned nick to come over. Nick told Isobel that Edward didn’t mention anything about her .Isobel told him to call Edward and clear this situation right now, Edward answered the phone ″Hey, what’s up .I had just stepped out to check on my girlfriend, Anything important?″

″Oh, I think we just met your girlfriend, you might want to come inside″

“I will be right there″ .Edward entered the hall and having spotted the couple in a corner walked towards them. He didn’t see the girl immediately but when she called out to him and hugged him , he smiled insuring Nick that she was friendly .They talked for a little while and Isobel was relaxed again , she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if the girl had been an enemy .After the party when everyone had retired to their rooms , Isobel was still standing outside and nick walked over to ask her what was wrong .She told him that ″Today when I saw that girl I was afraid that something bad was about to happen and I was so worried about my daughters , We couldn’t even get through the past few days without worrying about monsters around the corner , I thought the fear had gone but I realized I was just being optimistic and the fear will always be there , so promise me that we will always be prepared and stay together no matter what .Nick hugged and assured her that they will be prepared for whatever was to come next and they would do it as a family because tonight was the start of a new chapter in their life .Even though they were worried and still on their toes , it was an extremely happy few days and the wedding was perfect like Isobel wanted.

Upon reaching their room, Edward asked “why would you make me do this, I can’t keep lying to my best friend and I didn’t want to . Who are you and why are you doing this? ”

I answer to no one replied the girl in her original hoarse voice.

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