A Little Taste of Heaven

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"The place that is laced." (1)

The bell rings for lunchtime. So Chandler and I head to the cafeteria. The decoration on the board is almost finished; just a bit more adjustment and we’re good to go. Two heads are always better than one, anyway.

“I’m starving!” he says. “I can’t wait for them to see our masterpiece!”

Usually, I would blush by just being with him, but it feels so odd. “Yes, me too,” I say. As if I didn’t know what they would say. As I recall, they liked the outcome of the board. But now that I can improve it, they would love it probably. But it would be absolutely convenient if my journal was not empty at all. Although, that would be alarming and wouldn’t make any sense.

Someone waves at Chandler. So, he says, “See you after lunch?” to me with a smile. He might look nerdy, but he is cute. I mean, I knew it all along; he will be hot in the future (now, in real time, he is).

I nod. “Sure,” I say, and Chandler goes and sits with his friends.

I text Ros and April to meet me in the great hall. I order a meal as I wait for their replies. I walk into the dining area and sit at a free table, waiting for the two to arrive. I opened my journal and read the pages before the 15th of November 2010.

14th of September 2010, 6:23 am

KYAAAA!!!! School’s back! It’s my first day as a high school student! Here I am and just woke up, and I can’t wait for the day to start! I wonder what will happen today?!

8:40 am. I cannot believe April, Ros and I are in the same homeroom!!! Most of my friends from Middle school are still here, AND THANK GOD!! Victoria changed schools since I didn’t see her, or she’s just late? BUT STILL, who cares??? She’s goooone!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I am, definitely, NOT stalking Nate, but I saw him! THREE times! Before the opening ceremony! And he still wears that killer smile, making me hold my breath for a while. Anyway, this school is so massive and beautiful! Also, we have new students, and I don’t remember most of their names, but one person caught my attention. His name is Chandler Hayes. He looks nerdy with his clean haircut and quite round glasses and all that, but I feel it in my bones! Somewhere in the future, Chandler will look divine, and girls would want to date him. I don’t know why I have such an interest in nerdy guys. First was Wren from elementary, then Nate from 7th grade, now Chandler.

AND the school year is just beginning. So, I think it will be one rollercoaster ride of emotions!

Nothing much to tell yet, but since April, Ros and I have free time; we are in the shed by the garden, talking about stuff and making theories about that beeatch, Victoria.

12:37 pm. English has been going great so far since we — me and April — are classmates there. After that are P.E. and Math. My classes with Ros are Music (we were so thrilled!) and Spanish. Luckily, we all have the same History class, which is a couple of hours! I’m waiting with April for the Science class, and I guess I’m the only one excited. LOL!

4:08 pm. Just got home from school! Damn, even though I like almost all of my subjects, I HATE how much homework they gave us ALREADY! I don’t have a time-turner to finish all of this! I’m not Hermione! (I wish, though, LOL) Then tomorrow, history — for three hours! Oh, god, too much work! Before heading to our car, Ryan asked me to hang out, but I refused because of homework; I need to get them done. He looked dejected, and it broke my heart a little bit, but I told him we could hang out when we can. Ryan also offered to help me if I find some of the subjects difficult. He is so sweet!

Oh, I forgot. Nate is in my music class!!!!!! OH, MY GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! Anyway, I have to hit the books now!

I slam my journal shut when April calls out my name in the sea of crowd. She tells me Ros is dedicated to the festival so much that she wants us to enjoy it on Friday. So, she decided to skip lunch and stay in the classroom, planning and finishing some work.

Oh, you have no idea how much I miss this, April.

“So!” She puts down her tray and sits in front of me. “What happened to you in the field with Chandler??”

She seems so excited to know my love life like she always was, and I’m okay with that, really. It’s just, “Nothing much, just painted the board,” I said as a reply to her question.

April unpacks her sandwich and looks at me for more information. When I didn’t give her any more details, she said, “What? That’s it? No romantic moments? You know, the clumsy, ’oops, I drop my paintbrush’ and he-would-pick-it-up-for-you thing, and your hands will touch and BAM! You kiss!”

“You watch too many rom-coms, A.” I shake my head a bit fast with my face painted off, ’I could not believe you just said that’ and laugh, “no, no, just normal stuff; painting and beautifying the board. That’s all.”

She groans, “oh, my god! You two are lame-os!”

I shrug. “Guess I was not feeling it.” I look at her; she seems disappointed. Oh, you have no idea how badly I want to ask April about everything, though. You know, refresh my memories, but I’m scared. So, I ask the most obvious question I could inquire about the event.

“So, are there activities for tomorrow?” I say and lick the teaspoon.

She pulls out her little pink, gift-wrapped notepad and scans her notes and then says, “Well, at eight-thirty, there will be an assembly here in the great hall. Then, there will be a Talent Showcase. Representatives are from each homeroom, from ninth to twelfth graders. Then we will resume the preparation for Founders’ Day on Friday.”

I nod. I’m guessing Nicole will be representing our homeroom. “Oh, I see, there’s time to relax for a bit,” I smile with relief.

Suddenly, she looks at me and says, “Didn’t you write the schedule on your notebook or something?”

I don’t have any clue about what is happening, to be honest. So, I shrug and continue to eat my pudding.

She sighs. “We thought you were late earlier because you were practising for tomorrow,” then bites her apple.

I choke while drinking my mango juice. “What? I thought Nicole is the one singing for tomorrow??”

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Huh??”

I am stunned. “Isn’t Nicole representing our class? Didn’t she volunteer last week?” My face is sour, and I raise my eyebrow.

“Well, you thought wrong, girl. Seriously, what is going on with you? Is it because you got hit by a chair the other day at the mall? Have you checked if you got some amnesia or something?” she says worriedly and then touches my forearm.

“Oh,” I say. I caress my head and feel a bump. So that’s what happened!

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