A Little Taste of Heaven

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"A dose of what could have been." (1)

Chandler and I headed fast and got into our homeroom in about five minutes after the call ended. Our classmates are already there waiting for us. So, we sat on the empty chairs, side by side. Ros starts to discuss the dynamics of the events that will happen tomorrow and tells us that the program will begin at nine in the morning. Actually, thank you, Ros, for filling me in. We listen as she tells us the schedule for tomorrow, and after she informs us everything, we pack up and bid each other goodbyes.

April and I wait for Ros, and then we all head outside. When we were almost out of the front doors, we heard someone call out my name. We turn to look around and see Ryan, quickening his pace to us. “Hey, wait up!” So, we stop walking and wait for him to reach us in the foyer. We greet and wave at him. When he’s in front of us, he asks, “you guys heading home?” catching his breath but still beaming.

The three of us nod.

His beam slightly dims. “Oh, is that so? Well then, uh, can I talk to you for a minute, Mariana?”

April and Ros giggle.

“We won’t keep her,” says Ros, touching my arm playfully.

“You can have more than a minute,” April winks and pushes me closer to him. Ryan reddens as he chuckles. The two started walking away, leaving me behind with him.

“Thanks,” he says, saluting. “Take care, you two.”

Okay, that was weird. “But I thought you guys wanted a ride home?!” I gasp. Their smiles are cheeky as they leave me, waving before climbing into the school bus. I watch them drive away.

When I turned to Ryan, I asked, “so, what do you want to talk about?”

He fixes the strap of his bag on his shoulder, “well, I heard you’ll be singing tomorrow at the contest and,” (he shrugs, looking at the ground) “I just want to wish you good luck.” He looks straight into my eyes as he flashes a toothy grin.

I nod, quite concerned about his sudden kindness towards me. “Thank you. Er, how did you know?”

He clears his throat, “it doesn’t matter how,” he gives me a knowing smile, which is, by the way, really cute.

“Well, mind if I ask who your representative is?” I say, my shoulders swaying. Okay, I don’t know, but I think I’m flirting with him! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

He stretches his hands out, “yours truly,” then he laughs.

I’m surprised. “I didn’t know you could sing. You got the moves, though. Dancing, I mean,” I mumble, here I go again with the mumbling. So, I walk towards the driveway.

He laughs and follows me, “so, where are you going?”

“Er, home?” I chuckle.

Then we see Célina and Dion talking in the backseat and Viktor waiting to open the car door for me.

Célina scoffs, “ugh, finally!” she scowls in her seat.

Dion smiles at me, “how are you holding up?” as Viktor opens the door.

“I’m good,” I say, smirking. I turned to Ryan, “well, I got to go.”

He smirks, “see you tomorrow,” and then winks at me.

I know Ryan is charming, and probably, it worked when we weren’t in college yet. But I feel so weird this instant. I mean, sigh...

I don’t know.

When we got back home, I immediately ran to my room. I threw myself on my bed, opened the journal, and wrote my feelings down:

Oh, my god, journal. You won’t believe what just happened! I think I got sucked into the past! I’m losing my mind right now! I feel dumbfounded since this is all happening. Oh god, I don’t know whom to talk to, because obviously, they might think I’m mental! I don’t want to redo all of what I had just accomplished! I am a degree holder for crying out loud! But why am I stuck in my 15-year-old body!!!??

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