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A Little Taste of Heaven (EDITING)

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Prologue: 06/17/13

On the radio, the DJ announces the next song some boy requests for his girlfriend, and Little Things by One Direction starts playing. At the gentle beginning of the music, he starts tapping his fingers along the steering wheel with the guitar strings of the song. It is his very first time listening to its lyrics. He shrugs, tilting his head slightly to the side and thinking it isn’t that bad. He chuckles as he reminisces about his junior and senior years in high school; he used to block their blasting songs from his younger sister’s room by listening with his earphones on.

“Speaking of,” he mumbles as his phone blasts with his sister’s ringtone.

“Heya, Naaaaaaaaate!” Thalia squeals. “Around what time will you be home? Ariel is here already; just saying.”

“I’m not sure,” Nate says, tapping the loudspeaker button on his phone screen. “Bet I’ll be home before sunset! Here I’ll send you my location.”

“Yeah, right!” Their older brother, Ariel, shouts to be heard. “If you’re driving right n—”

Just when his GPS has sent, Nate swerves the wheel to avoid the incoming 22-wheeler truck on a blind curve. His car collides with the guardrails, sending him flying off. The loud crack makes Thalia cringe, and Ariel panics that he immediately dials 9-1-1. Thalia’s cries are the last thing Nate hears before everything turns black.

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