A Little Taste of Heaven

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"Every hello ends with a goodbye." (1)

I got home by ten or so, and while I was on a date with Nate, I informed my parents I was having dinner with a friend. Luckily (even though I was just 15), mum and dad trust me because I am a good kid. Mum and dad are already in their bedroom watching the telly. I saw Célina earlier, holed up in the gazebo. She’s organizing things for their booth, and no doubt, she probably saw me too. Dion is in his room and playing his guitar or guitar hero. I don’t really know which.

I put my things in my bedroom.

Being a nice sister — after whatever reason Célina and I became close — I opened the kitchen door and put the kettle on to make a cuppa for her. I had to fight my win against Natalie (our cook) because she insisted she must do it. She was there wiping the surfaces of the counters when I entered. I know oolong and green tea are Célina’s favourite. So, I pull out the boxes in one of the cupboards and grab each. When the water is ready, I pour it on her blue mug. I also grab some snacks from the fridge and head to her.

“Hey,” I say, putting the mug and food on the table. “I didn’t know which you prefer at the moment,” and place the two tea bags next to the cup.

She looks at the tea-less cup. “You know how tea works, right?” as she glares at me.

“You’ll catch a cold here,” I say, wrapping my hands around my shoulders. “You should go to the living room, instead.”

“I am going to catch a cold with what you brought me,” she snares. “You should’ve just picked one and let it sit on the way here instead of me picking one as I wait for it to be ready to drink. You do know the water’s gonna get cold.” There she goes again, sassy as ever.

“This is what I get for being nice,” I whisper audibly.

She rips the green tea bag and puts it in the not-so-hot mug. “Gee, thanks,” she says with sarcasm as she rolls her eyes.

And with that, it’s my cue to leave. I walk my way to my bedroom. The scenes kept replaying inside my head about what happened earlier, how calm and natural it was to be with Nate. That’s when I realized something was not right. I hurry into my bedroom.

Now everything has basically screwed; the events that will occur for the next minutes, hours, days and so on and forth will be new. Since I can’t really write on my neon-pink one (cause every time I write, the ink sinks in), I pull out one of my unused Harry Potter notebooks and documented everything down from the first day I got into this mess and about what happened to me during the ‘date’ with Nate. I don’t ever want to forget about this timeline. I will also rewrite all the entries of this week from my neon-pink one; so, maybe when I get back to the future (my original timeline), I could read all of it. Hopefully!

I know I didn’t write about my date with Ryan, but why? And I remember when we were still in high school, Nate and I never talked in person, which means, in this timeline. Strange… What changed?

I pulled out my journal from the bag I used in school. I read my entries, but they are different now.

They all liked my performance! I mean, Leslie Casillas from 4-B was amazing cause she sang a Lady Gaga song and her costume and everything were really great. Lady Gaga is very popular these days too. But as it turns out, they liked my performance more, and it was me WHO WON!! Oh, my gosh! I still can’t believe it! Even my classmates kept screaming my name when I walked down the stage! No one knew who would win because most people thought Leslie and I would be a tie. But whether I win or not, I just enjoyed singing and dancing with my friends (my backup dancers and singers, AKA crew). We did a fantastic performance. Our music teacher even complimented us and wanted me and my crew to take private lessons from her. Like, be our mentor or something. Of course, we agreed! Mrs Liao is one of my favourite teachers here, and duh? She was a Broadway performer. She knows things I want to learn. How dare I pass that opportunity up?! That’s why I added her subject to my class schedule.

Also!!! OMG! Nate looked at me the entire time, and every time I passed by or saw him, he was looking at me!!! I waved my hand to him, and I thought he would not respond at all, BUT OMYGOD HE SMILED BACK! My hands are totally shaking right now as I write them down! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Oh, man, Ryan congratulated me and asked if I want to grab drinks after school. Kyaa! I cannot wait for the day to be over and meet with Ryan at the new café in town!

Okay, I have no idea how to explain what I feel right now and describe and write it all, but I had such a great time with the date!!! AH! <3 It was amazing. His fingers brushed with mine, and OH. MY. GOD! I can still feel the heat coursing through my veins. I have to breathe.

18th of November 2010

Nate and I just hung out again. He went with me to get my dress! Ah! Well, I like him, like, a lot, a lot. I have fancied Nate for like two years now. It happened since that day when Nicole asked me who my crush was; it was in December of 7th grade. Ever since Nate caught my attention, it’s as if everything slapped me across the face and changed me from being careless. He literally lights up everything, likehe is the only one in the room, and everyone else is a blur. I became conscious of how I look, and most of my friends tell me I am in love with him. Although, I seriously think this feeling is just infatuation. But, now I might have a chance to be with him!

But seriously, am I making the right choice? Ugh, I have no clue at all! It seems like Nate is sending me signals, which makes me feel awful because Ryan and I are secretly dating. Ryan confessed to me at the Halloween party, and I felt the same way. He then asked me out, and we’ve been going out since the 1st of November. He was concerned that I might get bullied if everyone finds out. Yeah, Ryan is a nice guy and charming whenever his lips curl into a smile. His dimples are so deep, and he is just so handsome and really nice! I can’t help it. But now Nate and I are spending so much time together; I’m confused. Should I break up with Ryan? That would be terrible.

Wow, I reckon I’m pulling two heartstrings; I must be beautiful! Geez, Mari, stroking your ego much?

Siiiiiiiiiiigh, okay. I have to set my foot down, really think this through before telling Nate and Ryan who I want to be with the most. I have to do it before the after-party on Saturday at Nate’s house. Yeah, his older brother will be hosting it.

But who do I fancy the most between them? I can’t believe this is harder than I thought. Or perhaps, this is all just a thought. Ugh!

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