A Little Taste of Heaven

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"Running out of time." (3)

By the time the party starts to die, Ryan walks me home. I forgot about my friends being at the party and everything else that was happening. It is just him and me in the glow of the pavement by the lamp posts. The stars blinking in the dark sky, the silent chirping of crickets is soothing, and the sound of our footsteps on the sidewalk through the empty neighbourhood. I can hear him laughing, so I look up at him, curious.

He beams at me and then shakes his head. “Nothing, I’m just so happy.” He then puts his hands inside his pockets.

We enter the opened gates of our estate, and my mind usually wonders about little things like why the gates were open, but right now, my head is focused on Ryan, walking closely beside me. His warmth is radiating in the cold air. When we’re near my front door, Ryan pulls me close to him, and then he stares intently into my eyes. I could feel the heat rising on my cheeks. He leans in closer, pushing aside stray strands of my wavy hair off my face and tilts my chin up. I know what he’s about to do. I am conflicted about this, and yet, I close my eyes and wait for his lips to touch mine.

We hear the doorknob turning, so I suddenly push him away from me and see my dad open the door. He looks quite mad. “Do you have any idea what time it is, young lady?” says dad, controlling his rage, maybe because he doesn’t want to embarrass me in front of Ryan. Dad gave me his signature terrifying look, and I felt scared.

Ryan speaks, “I’m so sorry, Mr Greene,” looking apologetically at dad then at me. “We didn’t notice the time, sir.”

My eyebrows meet as I nod and look at the time. WTH! It’s almost one in the morning! I smile sweetly at my father, “sorry, dad.”

He grunts in annoyance while his eyes are closed. He heaves a sigh and faces Ryan, “good night, young man.” He then turns to me and puts his thumb up, gesturing to me, “and you, get in.”

Dad heads back inside, leaving the door open.

I purse my lips together and smile shyly at Ryan. “Well, I had fun. Good night,” the words barely come out as a whisper.

Ryan chuckles as clear and sweet as wind chimes, grabbing my right hand, and he leaves a peck on my cheek. “Good night, milady,” and then he presses his lips on the back of my hand. Ryan starts to walk away, but I keep my eyes peeled on him. He looks back, waves and flashes me a smile beyond comparison to his signature blinding one.

I walk inside to see my dad tapping his toes. Here comes the lecture. So much for guilt, meeting Nate tonight figuratively slipped from my mind.

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