A Little Taste of Heaven

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Dear younger self,

19th of November (Before midnight)

Dear 15-year-old-Me,

Hey, I know you must be freaking out right now that you’re wearing great-grandma’s dress, going to Ariel’s after-party with April and Ros, but you’re okay. It’s all going to be okay. You just had a wonderful week, and I want you to know that your life will be a blast. You might be wondering what is happening, so look at the entries I wrote from 16th-19th of November. That way, you will have a better understanding of what happened. Just a heads up, you might freak out that there’s a 20th of November entry already, don’t worry. That’s what happened before you passed out. Enjoy the after-party for me. You might see Nate with Lacey, so don’t be surprised, and look out for Ryan. He might still be hurting. Take care! I hope you’ll remember everything. This time-travelling thing is mind-boggling. XD

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