A Little Taste of Heaven

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On the radio, the DJ announces the next song some boy requests for his girlfriend and Little Things by One Direction starts playing. At the gentle beginning of the music, he starts tapping his fingers along the steering wheel while the guitar strings are being plucked. It is his very first time he is listening to this song and its lyrics. He lifted his shoulders, tilting his head a bit to the side, and thought it wasn’t that bad. He chuckles as he reminisces about the time during his junior and senior year in high school; he used to block their blasting songs from his younger sister’s room by listening with his earphones on.

It felt like he had heard it before, but not from his sister’s stereo. He turns the volume up at the realization and wonders if Mari was or is a Directioner. It had been a while since he and she talked because of college preparations, but now that Mari knows he is coming home, he is going to ask her about it. Then all of a sudden, as if he just wakes up even if he’s already awake, the thirst for something sweet like that day when he was still in his sophomore year conquers his mind and body. So, he found a gas station to stop over. He drank the cola before paying it on the counter. Exhausted, he got another 1.5L of cola just to make sure he had enough. And he walked to pay for the drinks and some snacks for the ride.

The weird thing is, he felt as if it seemed like he just came to a sense and remembered that particular week as if it was only yesterday. He walks back to his car and puts the bags on the passenger seat. As he puts the key to the ignition and starts the engine of his car, the sirens make him turn his head to the road, and he sees police cars and ambulances rushing on the road. His cell phone rings, and he sees the caller ID; it is her that’s calling. He smiles at the thought of hearing her lovely voice again, but in a flash, before he picks the phone up, he saw everything in bullet time yet, somehow in a slow motion all the same. He feels the air knocked out from his lungs, and that was it. It seems as if it is the last thing he ever senses his body.

He shakes his hands, feeling the wriggling of his fingers. He takes deep breaths, and the odd sensation and gloomy thoughts start to leave his mind and body. He downs the cola before he picks the call. Hearing Mari’s voice after all those weeks of separation excites him. He wants to be with her and his friends and family again. He turns the wheel to the road, carefully looking out for cars, and makes his way back home.

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