A Little Taste of Heaven

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"The only thing that makes us feel alive." (1)

A/N: Selected diary entries from Mariana’s PINK AF notebook.

11th of March 2009 (Wednesday)

Yeah, SCIENCE WEEK, BABY! Film day is one of my favourite activities at school! AND tomorrow will be a film day! Mrs Gutierrez said that our class is assigned to watch The Day After Tomorrow to raise awareness about what could happen if we don’t take action. Like trying to make a difference and helping the environment by segregation and recycling and all that. Since I haven’t seen this film, I am curious now about what happens in the story. April was shocked at me, maybe because I like watching? Anyway, she said she would be bringing a tissue box just in case I start crying. HAHAHA! She knows me too well. Now, I feel excited! I wonder which class we are going with to watch it. I freaking hope Nate’s! Fingers freaking cross!!!

Oh, what do you know?! April said Nate was looking at me again and smiled again! AHHH! The first one was when we were in the mess hall eating lunch, and then at the garden when our teacher was explaining the different species of flowers and trees we have here, and this time when we were in the science lab dissecting frogs. Good thing I didn’t barf or pass out when we were doing that. From what April saw, he looked like he was searching for something or someone and then Nate smiled when he saw me. APRIL, YOU BITCH! DON’T GIVE ME FALSE HOPES!!! But I love you, of course. Thanks for the Intel, darling. Hahahahah! Could it be true that he fancies me? Whoa, don’t even go there, Mari. You’re still just 13! What an ambitious bitch XD

12th of March 2009 (Thursday)

SO……. I…. AM…. FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! What is April and my classmates taking so long??? I’m all alone here sitting on the bench in front of the TV room, and I can perfectly see Nate, and his cute messy hair, with his friends, ALSO waiting in front of the TV room!!! I don’t want to get my hopes up but, since I am also waiting here for my friends to go inside, does it mean the class we’re going to watch with is Nate’s homeroom?? I can’t! I freaking can’t believe my wish came true!!! Am I that lucky? Lol!

The film was great! I felt terrified because it could happen. I have always been fascinated with science and environmental studies, so that’s one of the millions of scenarios that could happen; it just frightened me. April made fun of me for crying at some scenes. What?! The drama, all those people who died and, when Jack (Sam’s father) journeyed just to save his son were just top-notch for a mere 13-year-old me! I liked it a lot! Good thing the film wasn’t Armageddon or Deep Impact because I have seen those films, and what do you know? I cried in all those films too. Yeah, I know, I know, I suck. So what?

But anyway, this guy, Ryan something, oh Kaufman, Ryan Kaufman! Thanks, Nicole. Lol, anyway!!!! During the intermission, he held the door for me and flashed me a smile. Oh, my! And my heart skipped a beat. I have to know who this Ryan is! He is so cute, oh my! Just, Oh MY! Hahahaha! And what a gentleman! According to Kayla, he is the school star lacrosse player. Wow, I didn’t know our school had a lacrosse team. Apparently, he’s a transfer student. I hope I’d still see him in this school when I joined high school. I want to get to know about this guy! He seems cute and… Uh, nice? Ugh, get your head out of the gutter, Mariana! Focus on Nate!!! Okay, I need to calm down. Hahaha!

29th of March 2009 (Sunday)

April’s birthday is tomorrow! But since it’s a Monday, she held a party at her house today. We had a pool party with our classmates, and it was so fun! They plugged in karaoke and placed it in their yard. Oh my! It was awesome! We sang so much that my throat right now is so hoarse! HAHAHA! I hope tomorrow my voice comes back! I gave her a Platinum edition album of Justin Bieber. Yes, she is a fan of his, a huge fan, I can’t even! HAHAHA! Anyway, I love her, so I let her play his music. Some are catchy. I like that song of his “First Dance,” it’s quite pleasant.

I got to chat with Ryan again today! We just talked about stuff again! Sigh, he is so cute. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow! Anyway, I’m so tired! Good night!

30th of March 2009 (Monday)

Happy 13th birthday, APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have the best birthday today! Even if we already celebrated yesterday, I have another gig for her.

For April’s birthday celebration, I had to call Grandma for help since she likes to bake. She, Martha, and I baked and prepared ALL of her favourite cakes! They were Moist Chocolate Cake, Short-strawberry ‘Simple’ Cake, Mango Cream Pie Cake, a Dream Cake and, the Philippines’ Crema de Fruta. Does she have the bestest best friend or what? HAHAHA! She complained that her stomach ached when she tried eating a slice of each cake.

After that, since our teacher didn’t come, we were having so much fun playing a game in the room Andrew, Jared and Jason invented. Our classroom is so dark when you turn the lights off. The ‘it’ will be blindfolded, even if it’s already dark. I know we’re weird! They must identify the person they will touch, and it was freaking hilarious! Andrew’s hands were wildly moving as he tried to capture us. It was so fun, and we did NOT mean it to be loud! The other room was so disturbed by our screams and laughter, Mr Antonio suddenly entered our classroom and opened the lights, yelling, “What is going on in here?!”

As the homeroom president, I had to go to the disciplinary office. I had a sermon waiting for me when I got home. Hahaha! Anyway, happy birthday, April!!!!!

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