A Little Taste of Heaven

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"The only thing that makes us feel alive." (2)

5th of June 2009 (Friday)

It’s Ryan’s birthday today! So, I greeted him through YM, and then he texted me almost immediately after he had seen my message. He asked if I wanted to go out today so he could celebrate his 14th birthday with me. I told him yes, of course! AHH!! Okay! Calm your shite together, Mari.

But, to my dismay, after our classes, when I arrived at the front of the middle school foyer to meet him, he was with his friends AND NATE WAS THERE. Wait, they are friends???

I felt so shy and made up an excuse that my mum wants me to go straight home after school even though they let me go. So, I just gave him my present. It was a photograph of Salzburg. I remember he mentioned to me once that he liked The Sound of Music. I was so giddy, duh? It’s one of my favourite musicals. I found out this year the real house of the Von Trapp family is open for tourists now.

Anyway, Ryan said he wished I could stay with them. But, he understood I had to obey my parents, especially my uptight mum. He then told me that maybe we could visit Austria someday. My heart flipped at his words, of course! But I just smiled at him before leaving.

AAAH! He is so considerate! What a doll!! AH!

Oh, yeah, it turned out I had to go home immediately because it’s gonna be exam week next week. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8th-12th of June 2009

I can’t talk right now. I must study or else I won’t have the pink acoustic guitar my mum promised. But at school, I kept seeing Nate and Ryan stealing glances at me! AHHHH, FOCUS MARIANA, okay, I have to study. Bye!

15th of June 2009 (Monday)

YAY! Exams are over!! I was hanging out with Kayla and April. We were outside our classroom by the grand staircase when Kayla suggested an imaginative game to play.

She said, “Imagine what I will say.” April told her it sounded ridiculous because she might say anything inappropriate. I insisted on April. “Just close your eyes!” So she did. I told her, “You are inside our classroom, but classes are already over. Everyone had gone home, and then all of a sudden… You hear a piano playing, and its key goes higher and higher, and then the door bursts open. The wind blows so hard some specks of dust blind you. You blink your eyes fast and adjust to the light. You see a guy wearing all white, and when he steps inside, you see that it’s Gabriel, and then he said, ‘April, will you go out with me?’ there!”

She was so giddy she slapped me hard on my arm! We all laughed, and I switched places with Kayla. Now, they made me imagine this:

“You know the basketball field in the high school grounds? Yeah, you’re there, in the middle. The wind was blowing hard, so the leaves were falling. Classes are over as well, so there are no people around. Then you hear a ball dribbling, you get hit behind your back, and you faint and fall on the ground. You get sucked into the pile of leaves. The janitor arrives to sweep the court except for where you lay! Nate comes to play basketball, but he doesn’t notice you. He steps onto your stomach and continues playing. Nate gets tired and then lies on top of you (I was mad at this because they are making fun of me, April and Kayla were laughing their arses off). Now he notices that something else is in the pile of leaves. He rummages until he sees your face. A book suddenly falls out from the sky, it says “Sleeping Beauty,” as to know what happens in the story, Nate leans in and kisses you so you will wake up.” After telling me about the scenario, she dusted her hands and asked if it was well.

I stopped myself from blushing too hard as we continued playing the game. I didn’t see much of Nate nor Ryan today, but tomorrow is another day!

19th of June 2009 (Friday, last day of 7th-grade school)

Today’s the last day of school! I won’t be seeing Nate or Ryan next year because they’re going to be in high school! :(

April and Kayla dragged me with her camera phone then asked Nate if she could take a picture with me. I pulled April in the shot, and we smiled at the camera. Now, I have a picture of Nate and me… with April, but at least!!! AH!!!! Nothing much happened. Ryan, he YMed me and said that he hopes to see me when I attend high school after graduating next year! AHHHHHH!!!! I can’t wait! I can’t wait for my middle school days to be over!!!!

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