A Little Taste of Heaven

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"Time's forever frozen." (1)

20th of Nov 2010 (Saturday)

Wow, it’s like three PM already. Ariel threw an after-party last night, and it was such a blast! Thank god, mum and dad were asleep when I got home. I might get an earful when they come back from work, though.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I saw that I wrote to my “15-year-old self,” but I remember everything and can feel all of it. But still, I have read my journal as per instruction by ME, lol. So that’s why I was so tired and wanted to go home. But April dragged me along because she said Chandler was coming as well. Ros agreed with her and pulled me with them. So, during the party, I stayed at the gazebo, watching everyone else have their fun. I saw Nate and Lacey talking intimately by the pool. Ros was still sort of, how should I say it, pissed off? when she found out about Nate liking Lacey. She told me to move on, and that is my plan. It will be a long time to brush my feelings off. But what the heck! I only laughed at her because it was me who pushed him to Lacey. I also told her to calm down and forget about it.

Looking at the time we had, Nate has become a massive part of my life now, and I would like to keep being his friend. Thank you very much!

His older brother kept teasing them, though, and jokingly gave him a rubber. Nate was so embarrassed, it was so funny, and Lacey only laughed at them! Lacey is the perfect girl for Nate! She is a lovely girl and, not to mention, gorgeous!

I feel so happy for them.

Nate’s eyes caught mine when he saw me looking and raised his cup to me.

Chandler looked gallant last night! AND NOW girls are throwing themselves at him. He was still so shy! HAHA! But I could tell he enjoyed the attention, and when he saw me, just observing everyone, he smiled brightly at me and made a beeline to me. I told Chandler to go back out there and mingle with his newfound fame. He laughed and did what I said. Ros was with Andrew somewhere, hopefully doing something PG-13!! April was dancing with our friends and got sucked into having a conversation with Gabriel! I can’t help but smile as I write all of this.

Everything seemed alright last night. But, throughout the party, I was away from the scene, just watching them. I was tired too. All I wanted was to go home. I kept glancing on my phone, though, hoping Ryan would text or something, but nada. What he did to me was extraordinary, and that kiss... I can still feel it. SIIIIIGH.

Anyway, gotta hit the showers before I invade the kitchen. I stink.

25th of Nov 2010 (Thursday)


Nana is here!! Oh my god, I apologized many times when I told her about what happened to the dress at the school’s Annual Dinner Party. She went ballistic and asked if the stupid girls got expelled or something. She then asked me who was my knight in shining armour, and I spilt the beans to her. Oh, what Ryan did to me was heroic, but we haven’t talked much lately. Even though he told me he would see me on Monday, he bloody didn’t! I noticed he and Nate aren’t talking as well. It’s all because of me. I will speak to those two and knock some sense into them!

1st of Dec 2010 (Wednesday)

Nate seems really happy with Lacey, and even though it stings me a little. But I am glad he is. On the other hand, Ryan looks like he’s still angry with Nate (I THINK) because he kept his feelings for himself towards me so that Nate and I could be together. Ryan is such a sweetheart, but enough is enough. I won’t be the girl that breaks up a great friendship.

I finally got a hold of these two idiots when I pretended I became ill. They both hurried to the clinic to look for me, and I pulled them outside. I told them to settle this fight once and for all.

I convinced Ryan that it was me who pushed Nate to Lacey. I told him it wasn’t fair for me and him to be in a relationship while the other is in unrequited love with another. That won’t end up well. Thankfully, they made up, and from now on, we’ll have a happy and loving friendship.

Ryan still made me feel special, but I feel silly. Every. Single. Time.

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