A Little Taste of Heaven

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True Love Lives On (1)

In the last few days of the Program, Beth convinced Mariana to stay in Vienna, Austria, once they finished their training at Leopold Museum. They went shopping almost every night at Mariahilferstraße, and her friends became sick of it. So to change the scenery, Beth researched and took them out to Stephansplatz for sightseeing one weekend.

To Mariana, it was as gorgeous as Rome, and she would love to go back there someday. It felt like she was walking to Gringotts. It’s a curse and a gift to be a Potterhead. She giggled to herself.

And of course, she would never miss ‘The Sound of Music’ tour. It was the real reason Mariana agreed to stay in the first place, to be a tourist, at least for two weeks. Though going alone since she was the only one who saw the film and had always been a huge fan, Mariana didn’t mind at all. Still dating the actor for quite some time now, Jace video called her from Madrid.

“Hello, my dear,” greeted Jace, who still had a bedhead; lying in a soft white and grey duvet. “How’s the tour treating you without me by your loving side?”

Mariana rolled her eyes at her boyfriend as he yawned and stretched his half-naked body. She laughed mockingly. “Har, har, keep dreaming, sleepyhead.”

One eye still closed, Jace danced seductively on the screen as he bantered, “You just miss my co —”

She tapped mute before anyone could hear his flirtatious comeback. “As you can see, Jace, you’re on loudspeaker!” She grinned, controlling her laughter.

On the screen, Jace heartily laughed as Mariana rummaged in her bag to get her earphones. It was palpable to the couple how much they missed each other, even for only a few weeks of being apart. Jace would jump onto the next flight if he had a chance. Thinking it was a brilliant idea. He mentally took a note to reserve a pilot for his plane to visit Austria.

“How was the shoot?” asked Mariana, trailing behind the group of other tourists.

Jace grabbed his shirt and yawned, making his way to the kitchen to make a cuppa. “Dull without you here, of course.”

She watched him put his mobile on the counter and commented, “Aw, sorry, hun. We’ll have time once I’m back in New York. I can ask my parents if I can travel around with you for the remaining days before school.”

He dreamily smiled as he imagined and set up plans in his head about what they could do. “We can definitely do that. I hope you’ll be ready for more of me,” he winked, pursing his lips on the camera.

“Oh, you don’t need to worry, for I will,” she flirted back.

Mariana continued The Sound of Music tour with Jace in tow on the video call. Though it was not one of his favourite musicals, he kept singing the songs whenever she showed him the sights from the film. She quietly sang along with him when the other tourists were away from earshot.

During their last week in Austria, Mariana packed her things and was ready to leave for New York while Beth still hadn’t. As she and Beth watched Ruby Red on the flat screen, someone knocked on their hotel room door.

“Did you order room service?” asked Beth, sitting up.

“No,” replied Mariana as she made her way to open the door. “Besides, the front desk will ring us if they’re offering something.”

She looked through the peephole and stifled a scream.

“What is it?!” Beth paused the film and looked at her.

Mariana opened the door and threw her arms around Jace’s neck, making him drop his luggage.

“Surprised, my dear?”

Instead of answering, she crashed her lips onto his, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Beth groaned and laughed as she threw a pillow at them. “Get a room!”

The pair laughed, and Jace showed Beth his room card key. “I already did! We’ll get out of your hair, Beth.”

“Don’t wait up!” beamed Mariana as she took the spare clothes she hadn’t packed into her LV duffel bag.

“Just text me,” Beth waved her hand, holding the remote control. “Enjoy, you two. Please, use protection.”

The couple laughed, and Jace grabbed Mariana’s bag then closed the door. They stood in the hallway, hands roaming around their bodies as they continued to drink on each other’s lips.

Giggling, Mariana snatched his key, “I can’t wait to devour you, Mr Richardson.”

“As am I, Ms Greene,” smirked Jace seductively. “But first, I have more lined up for us.”

Mariana tilted her head and purred. “Colour me intrigued! But can it wait?”

Jace peppered Mariana with kisses as his answer before telling her more of his plan. Together, they headed to his room and enjoyed each other’s bodies.

The following day, in Jace’s private plane, as spontaneous as he is, he took Mariana to London and her childhood home, the DelaCour Estate. He showed her a series of text messages he exchanged with her grandmother, and he was beaming with pride because Nana Charlie liked him for Mariana.

“Mrs Sinclaire-Greene is such a sweetheart,” remarked Jace as he interlaced her hand in his. “I can’t wait to see where you grew up, Raine, or as what your Nana calls you, Mari.”

Mariana blushed. “Oh, yeah, I love Nana. She spoiled me rotten!” She laughed, “I’m glad you two get along well.”

Her heart was whole, it would burst, and as she gazed upon Jace, his face twisted in a charming grin.

“What are you thinking about, Mari?” He emphasized the name only her family and high school friends use.

She shook her head, feeling bashful, “It’s so odd to hear my first name rolling off your lips.”

“Oh yeah?” Jace teased, slowly licking and biting his bottom lip as he stared at her eyes. “Would it still be odd if I roll my lips somewhere else?” He caressed her arm with the back of his hand, slowly and inviting.

Mariana rolled her eyes, amused, hot and bothered, but she playfully commented, “You’re so corny.”

Jace pulled up the armrest and slithered his arm around her waist, shocking Mariana a bit. He pressed his lips against her jaw, “I prefer to be sweet, Mari,” he murmured and nibbled her earlobes. “I’ve kissed girls before, but nobody compares to how you make me feel,” he blew on her neck.

Her eyes dropped to his trousers and saw his restrained manhood; her insides warmed up. Giggling, she recoiled at the new sensation of his two-day stubble on her neck, “It tickles!”

Jace smiled warmly at how adorable he thinks of his girlfriend. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Mari? So I’m the only new person in your life who knows your first name.”

Mariana rested her hand on his chest, “I would like that.”

Returning her smile coquettishly, Jace traced his fingers along her collarbone. “Now, do you want to get frisky in the lavatory?”

Mariana gasped at the tingling touch, and with a teasing smirk playing across her lips, “Do you even have to ask?”

Jace seductively smirked as he led her to the small space, and Mariana giggled at her beguiling boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck as they explored one another’s mouths before pleasuring each other with their bodies.

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