A Little Taste of Heaven

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"Wait for me to come home." (1)

Is it possible for a visitor to stay until the next day at hospitals? Because Nate stayed with me until I passed out. When I wake up, I see him sleeping on the small couch. I smile and reach out for the basket of muffins on the side table. He must’ve put it there in case I get hungry for anything sweet. Now that I feel well-rested, my memories, real and re-written, rejuvenate in my brain. I remember now that Ryan and I dated in high school, but he was jealous because I was unsure of him, and it was toxic. So, I broke up with him before he graduated high school. It was a mess. My grades spiralled down, I got bullied by girls, and he wasn’t much of a help since he was caught up with college and stuff. And when I got into college, we started to ignore and avoid each other at all costs. That’s why I don’t remember it as well. I buried and forgot the memories on purpose.

But then, the memories were replaced by our re-written relationship to a wondrous life we had, starting with friendship blossoming to love. I know now it was Ryan. It was he who I was communicating within my pink journal. He was the soul. I figured it out when I kissed him in the courtyard; that moment, I had chosen myself. When I figured he tasted familiar, his lips on mine felt normal because we were a couple before I got hit by the car.

Thinking about him is a sore subject for me now. My eyes welled up with tears again when I saw the envelope. So I place it in between the pages of my journal. I sigh wistfully and whisper, “Thank you,” in the air.

I watch Nate sleeping peacefully, still in his blue polo shirt, and I feel blessed with him here. He believes in me that we both travelled to the past, no questions asked, just a few banters here and there. But I am glad Nate is here with Lacey. A few minutes pass by before he yawns and wakes up. “Good morning,” he says as he stretches his arms, “have you slept well?”

I nod as I eat the muffin. “Can you please turn on the telly?”

His eyes are still sleepy as he looks at me, confused.

“The television, Nate,” I giggle.

“Oh!” he laughs and presses the on-button of the remote control. Nate and I watch random TV sitcoms and shows.

My parents and friends arrive after an hour.

I notice Nate and Lacey go outside my room, and after a few minutes, they enter and share the news that she and Nate are getting married next year in June at the Plaza Hotel. I didn’t notice her ring yesterday, but I sure do now. She shows it to me, and I banter if she ever gets tired of dragging it around. They laugh, or pity laughs, I don’t know, and I don’t care.

April shows me her recent designs she’s been working on the side and proudly markets it off on her social media. I am so glad that she’s doing something she really loves, aside from med school, of course. Ros looks like a zombie. She needs sleep and self-love because she looks like she’s slaving herself to her studies and her shitty boyfriend. We laugh about it, but I tell her seriously to give herself some me-time, and this time I hope she listens to me.

April suggests spa day once my doctor gives an okay and discharged me from the hospital. And then, Ariel hands me a contract. He explains that my Nana Charlie gave my manuscript to Paige & Turner Publishing; I didn’t know Nate’s father co-owns it. They want to publish The Grand Stellar, and all I need to do is to sign it.

My life is sailing smoothly, and I’m afraid something terrible will happen next, but I am ready to face those challenges, even if it’s just by myself or with my family and friends. I wouldn’t be here without Ryan. He is the main reason why I’m still kicking and alive. So I am not going to waste this miracle and start living my life.

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