A Little Taste of Heaven

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Two Years Later

April and Ros are still finishing med school while my brother Dion is working on their second studio album; one of their songs is what Nate wrote to me when we were in high school. My brother, ladies and gentleman, what a sweetheart! Célina is climbing ladders in the firm she is representing, and as for my parents, they are planning on a Caribbean tour cruise with their friends. Nate and Lacey tied the knot last year, and now a bundle of joy is waiting for them. I can’t believe they will make me the godmother of their unborn child! They are planning on naming the baby Ryan whatever their gender will be. Speaking of him, I visit Ryan’s grave once in a while, thanking him for all the things he has done to me and my life. I planted a seed of Edelweiss on his grave, and I ask the caretaker to water it when I’m not around. I hope he’s smiling down on me, for he is the greatest love I’ve ever known.

By the way, I am thrilled that my best friends are doing okay. April has been living with her boyfriend in their flat in Los Angeles. While Ros is focusing on herself, thank God for that! About my college best friends, Beth is pregnant! Lea’s son AJ and D’s daughter are now one year old! Oh, how much time has flown?

As for me, I have been busy co-writing the script for my The Grand Stellar books (the third one is still in progress) because it will be a TV series!!! Oh those years, I was creating it was an excruciating and yet, exceptional experience for me. Nana had always believed in me through my words and imagery, and now is the day I can finally make her proud.

My publicist/manager and agent contact me to come to the studio and meet them where the castings for auditions are. When I enter the auditorium, I notice a long table in the centre of the room and the team, sitting behind it, greets me. Before I sit in between Miranda, my manager/publicist/best friend, and Helen, my literary agent, I shake hands with the director, the executive producers, and the screenwriters present. After the formalities, the director wants to introduce me to someone he thinks would be perfect for Leone, the main character of my story, before the audition begins.

He thinks that his build and charisma would fit into the cocky presence of the main character. We already cast the other leads of the story, which was great! But, Leone is a tough one to crack since he is the face of The Grand Stellar and the very core of the story. Weeks have gone by, seeing guys auditioned for the part, but none of them shouts as Leone. I’m grateful to the team for agreeing with me.

So as Miranda talks to me about the event I have to attend for the weekend, the director calls him out, “James, come out here!”

When he walks to the centre stage, I can’t help but gasp. Miranda, noticing my surprise, gives a knowing look then winks at me, hiding her giggles. I know what she’s thinking. He is hot.

And that’s when it strikes me, the person who is walking to the stage mark is James Clark ‘Jace’ Richardson. He must have dyed his messy golden hair to beach blonde; so he could, obviously, say that he had read my books. After years of not seeing him, Jace is tall and still has a lean, athletic body. Even though he swore, he only plays baseball. His golden-brown skin shimmer when he walks through the test light to us, his high cheekbones are noticeable, and when he smiles, his deep dimples show. His eyes are still mesmerizing. I don’t know how to describe the colour, but his eyes are green in the morning and blue during the afternoon, Leighton-Meester-style. A total lady killer, just as I remember him, but now even better. Not because we’re friends and we have a history or something but, the word comes out from his perfectly pink, bow-shaped-lips, that used to touch mine all the time, is all it takes for me to know.

He smiles a stunning sexy turn, and his sultry gaze lands on me. “Hello,” he says, rolling off his British lips and making my heart jump.

He is the one.

For the role, of course!



There’s a reason why Ryan gave Mariana the bouquet of gardenia in the Great Hall during her first year in high school. When they were younger (they forgot about this memory. It’s the one when you try to look back to it, but you don’t remember anything), Ryan and Mariana met when they were a bunch of six and seven-year-olds in the playground of London. Ryan was there on holiday with his parents. Mariana gave him a flower, and that was gardenia. She said to him, “It is so pretty like you.” Ryan kept it. When he was dying in the car, the important events of his life passed right through his eyes until his very existence; Ryan saw this memory, and it reminded him about his affections for Mariana. So that’s when he decided to give her the second chance of living, instead of him.

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