A Little Taste of Heaven

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Acknowledgements and Notes

This story originally came from a dream that kept replaying inside my head for days before I graduated college in 2017. So, I got up and wrote it immediately. The main idea came from my journal, and to not reveal the whole high school experience, I changed and added scenes. I changed the dates, names, and the school, all of it. I wrote what I wanted to add so people can’t know what the whole truths were and which were not. When I was thinking of the title, I didn’t know what to call it, so I settled for the title of Lana Del Rey’s song, Dark Paradise, for some time. It was sort of perfect because the first time I heard it, I somewhat related to it and thought it would be perfect. But, after listening to Taylor Swift’s new album folklore, the line what-ifs from her song cardigan made me realize that I should settle with Forgotten What Could’ve Been. When I asked my sister what she thought of it, she said it was long. So I changed it to A Little Taste of Heaven.

When I decided to kill off Mariana, I learned this while writing the story: There’s a point in life as if every day something new and undiscovered experience, whether it’s a feeling or perhaps information, happens, and you wake up thrilled and excited. And then we grow up, and suddenly everything becomes monotonous with the same routine happening every day, over and over again. Then sometimes we wonder for it to be over because that is the easy way out. But, when finally the end is near, you’d wish to go back in time if you could, and try to change a thing or things, special what-ifs and what could’ve been. Then you’ll realize with a smile, I hope, what you had is enough.

I would love to thank some of my family and friends who believed in me; to Sel, Emma, and Tori for helping me edit and point out the errors they saw in my story; to all the people who inspired me to write this story and; to you for reading it. Also, to all the songs, films and books ahahaha because I name-dropped most of my favourites in this story, so here’s to the authors, writers and directors I loved, they are one of the reasons why I am the way I am now, and I think it’s a massive part of my life.

And, to the main inspiration of this story, every day of my life, I wish that cancer didn’t exist or has, somehow, a cure, then you would still be here. Not a single day that I didn’t miss you. I’m quite envious that you are now in a better place.

Anyway, thank you for reading this ambitious story of mine! I hope you have a marvellous time in your life. Please make good choices, and even if you haven’t, remember wrong ones make good stories.

I want to quote Dumbledore (or J.K. Rowling, basically) to “Do not dwell on dreams (Harry) and forget to live,” but if you have an idea for a story and this fuels you to live… I believe it’s time to tell it.

J. Abrigo

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