What happened that night

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Did they know what she did? She didn't even know, now it's time to figure out why Sierra was covered in blood that cold winter night, or was it even real? Or how he fell in love instantly with her best guy friend, but be warned this story is not for the faint of heart.

Mystery / Romance
M.P. Poling
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Chapter one

I was drenched and had a stench that enclosed me and sent a chill down my spine and the only light was the moonlight bringing down rays of glowing light through the trees. It was illuminating.

I wanted out of here and all I could remember was walking into the woods with my best friend Claire. She was fearless. I had a splitting headache and that was all I could think about. I look all around me and saw bodies hanging from the trees, it was Sierra, my Mother, my Father and my sister Victoria. It may be a warning..

They were all just hanging there like they were sleeping from the end of a rope. I felt so dissociated." what the hell happened? Where was Claire?" I asked myself, all these questions swirling around in my head like a tornado and I don't know what to do. I look down on myself and I see that I was covered in blood, too in shock to even realize that when I finally fell to the ground.

I woke up in a cold, wet, and horrific sweat. I couldn't breathe, I was gasping for air when I woke up in the dream world, I could go back to the tree and see what is there, but not this time. I am a dream walker, I almost always have nightmares and I can't control them like I can when I dream walk. This was all new to me. I've never just woken up in the dream world.

I felt like I couldn't breathe, it was all so real, it felt so real. I smelled death in my house, lurking down the hallway and to the stairs, I saw a slender man, I quickly went downstairs and there he was, he was wearing an all-black suit, tall and pale, I'm not sure if he even saw me, I sneaked by him and he didn't notice me, I mean what the actual fuck. I've always had nightmares and encountered monsters but nothing like this. My name is Sierra and this is my story.
Let's get to the point.

I grew up in upstate New York and my family is rich. I have raven black hair that lay on my shoulders and blue eyes and oh yes, I'm one of those spoiled, entitled rich kids but I wasn't like them, I was a loner. I didn't have many friends besides Claire and I didn't want any. I was close with my sister but she usually does her own thing, we are twins but opposites. I'm not gonna lie, I liked being alone but this summer changed everything in a flash.

I couldn't even remember what happened only that my parents are keeping some big secret from me. My parents are amazing, my mother is a psychiatrist and my father is an author. My mother could heal and control the weather, my father could read minds and control objects with his mind, my sister was a garden witch and mostly used plants and herbs for spells, we all had special abilities and usually more than three. Anyways, they included me and my sister in everything and they were great, I had a great childhood that consisted of spells, rituals, and traditional things in our family. My powers are dream walking and controlling things with my mind, like my father. I felt so grateful and happiness filled me up with a warm feeling. I loved them so much. They always provided for whatever my sister and I needed. Well anyway, I put on my black leather jacket and skinny Jeans, grabbed my bag and I was out the door to school, I wasn't ready to face my parents today.

Once I got to school I immediately saw Claire and her cheery smile, rosy cheeks, and curly blonde hair that reached her lower back. "Hey what's up the sunshine," Claire said leaning up against her locker. I wasn't in the greatest mood and all she kept talking about prom which I did not plan on going to but sure enough, she would have Fin Radley, the bad boy at school ask her, and I had to admit he was hot and she knew he would ask her because she was so sure of herself. Any guy at school would love to go to prom with her. I on the other hand plan on watching horror movies with Clay, he is a good friend and sometimes we hang out.

Clay got pretty hot too, he had slicked-back black hair and the darkest eyes you could get lost in. Wait, what am I saying? I think I'm short-circuiting. It's been one summer and he changed for the better. He used to be so nerdy. Anyway, I just wanna clue you in on a secret that I've been keeping from you and everyone...I'm a witch, only my parents know, not even Claire. All though, we both have secrets...

Which also makes me think that my dreams are sometimes real because sometimes they come true. It could be little or big but my whole family is witches/warlocks.

The day went by annoyingly slow and all I wanted to do was go home and talk to my parents about what's been going on in my dreams.

I got home finally after walking Claire home. I see my mom in the kitchen preparing dinner and I thought that this would be the perfect time to tell her. "So, hey mom can I talk to you?" "Yes, darling what is it?" She smiled that was so genuine and caring. "Well, I've been having these nightmares and reaccuring dreams and sometimes I kill people and sometimes they kill me, they gut me, spilling my insides on the ground then I wake up when I die, what could any of this mean?"

"Oh honey," she says "you are a dream walker and all those dreams you having been having could happen but are never certain, and you can't control your dreams when your not in your dream walker form." periodically, you are getting to see how people die and if you can control it you can talk to the spirits" "but, mom I saw our family in ropes hanging from trees." "Oh, no dear that was our ancestors" I know she is keeping something from me, I can tell.

Clay came over a few hours later and we watched Friday the 13th together in my parent's basement. I couldn't stop staring at his silky black hair and muscles that were visible through his shirt. It made me have chills. This isn't a romance novel, no it's something much more.

We were huddled up together on the couch and then he just pulled me in for a kiss! I mean, I'm not complaining but damn, it's like he could read my mind and I couldn't resist kissing him back. His mouth tastes so good, I wanted more.

But why now? I didn't understand but I didn't care. He was perfect. The only thing he doesn't know is that I am a witch and I'm not ready to spill everything right now. So, it will have to wait. I asked him why all the sudden interest and he said that he saw me today like it was the first time and he couldn't keep his eyes off me. Oh my, it was like he was inside my head! He was the perfect boy next door.

I didn't want to mess it up but being a witch could ruin everything and I feel it, I love him. Clay Martin is ENDGAME. I knew it in my heart but I never felt it like this before. It's such a strong feeling, so overwhelming but why now? And I already had other things going on like saving the town from this darkness that was enclosing us or me.
I needed to go to the dream world so I can figure out this mystery that is just suffocating me and my parents are obvious of it or were they?

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