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Episode one

In the early 1999's a little girl was born,every family member came to celebrate the birth of the child according to tradition of luo's it was the best way to welcome a new born child in the family.The traditional rituals were done,e.g slaughtering a female sheep,drinking alcohol,eating roasted meat and finally naming the child.
As people were enjoying themselves where the little baby was a big snake came and carried the baby away infont of everyone and nobody could rescue her.The tried to scare the snake but it did not react,immediately a young boy of about 12yrs rescued her and brought her to the mother.When elders and witch doctors heard of it they said that the child should be thrown away because she is a bad luck to the community.
Her mother did not want to do that but people insisted,she took the baby and headed with her to the abandoned forest and left the baby there.The young boy who saved the baby from the snake followed her mother without noticing and after the mother left he took the child away with him.On the way back home her mother could not believe that she has thrown away her child so she went back found nothing.It was a big surprise to her that the baby is not there,she searched everywhere and couldn't get her.
"Where the hell is my baby"she asked herself,tears couldn't stop rolling down her cheeks"nyathina achiel kende,gikao","I promise the will not get away with my baby,Anyango my baby just hold on wherever you are mom is coming for you."
For 15years Anyango's mom lived with regrets,she used to search her everywhere,on the social media,schools,hospitals and many more places her child is nowhere to be found.This lead her to commit suicide cos even her husband wanted another child but she could not bare another one.She received psychological and physical torture from relatives and friend and she could not take it farther.

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