Married To My Bully

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She vowed to save him. He vowed to destroy her.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Alexander Knight

My heart picked up its pace when a frail figure stepped in through the Church door. She was wearing a long white gown that made her look like an angel descending from heaven. Her arm looped around a man’s arm. Suddenly, all noises drowned down and the world became blurred. I saw a bouquet of pink roses and white lilies in her hand as she walked up the alley leading her to me. Her face was covered in a veil but that didn’t stop my eyes from caressing her beautiful face. Her sparkling long silver earrings swayed with her every step that she took towards ME. For me. She still looked as breath-taking as she did ten years ago.

Sweat poured out from every cell of my body when she stood at the foot of the stairs waiting for my hand. She wasn’t looking at me. Her gaze was fixed on the floor. Is she nervous? Is she happy? Is she sad? A lot of questions flooded my head. I was overthinking. I knew. But this seemed too unreal. It felt like a dream. That I used to see over and over again in those years.

Keeping my heart from leaping out, I held my hand out for her to take. I inhaled sharply when her small hand slipped into mine. Her eyes still latched on the floor. An electric jolt ran through me at our contact shaking me to the core.

She is my first-sight love. My only love that taught me patience. My only love that taught me passion. My only love that taught me HATRED. And my only love that taught me REVENGE.

I once loved her with all my heart. Today I hate her with every fiber of my being.

However, my traitorous heart fluttered when she flipped her captivating spherical orbs on me. But my mind quickly reminded me of the scars that she gave me preventing my lips from curling into a smile.

Her eyes were sparkling with happiness, hope, and excitement. All of the things that she snatched from me years ago. I maintained my stoic face while my heart was crushing with all the weight that it had been carrying all these years. Her eyes were looking at me through her veil. Studying my face. Memorizing every feature of mine. She looked satisfied. Impressed, in fact.

And then her eyes twinkled with expectations. Expectations of a bright future from me. I scoffed internally. After filling my life with darkness, she is expecting me to give her a bright future? Hell no.

Oh, I’ll give her a future. But it will be slightly different. A future full of regrets, agony, and beggings. That is my vow to her.

A gruff voice abrupted my train of thoughts. I refocused my concentration on the priest who was chanting the usual marriage vows. I didn’t write my own wedding vows. Had I, she would be running for the hills by now. So, I simply repeated after him. After pronouncing “I do” drily I slipped the diamond band on her finger. Our eyes locked with each other. My cold silver burned into her warm sapphire.

She followed suit. And finally came the time to claim her as MINE. A wave of emotion hit me when I lifted her veil. She was blushing. Her eyes were downcast but soon they flickered on my lips. I moved closer to claim her lips. Something I had been fantasizing about doing since the day I laid my eyes on her. However, unlike those times I feel nothing today but deep abhorrence for her.

My heart jackhammered against my chest as I leaned forward to close the distance between us. And then our lips touched. A raw emotion unfurled. I closed my eyes savoring her touch as I pressed harder on her soft lips.

But then an avalanche of memories washed over me. Memories of my sufferings, pain, torture came rushing down. Every pain that she inflicted on me without any mercy. I pulled away immediately. My skin mourned the loss of her touch but my brain patted me on my back.

She shot me a dissatisfied look before changing it into a neutral one.

She wanted more. She wanted me to devour her lips. I will devour. Not her body but her soul. It’s not a marriage. It’s a payback time. Only if she knew.

The hall echoed with applauds and whistles. People came forward to congratulate us. Mr. and Mrs. Knight. They addressed us.

I would have been on cloud nine today had the circumstances be different. I was well aware that I still had feelings for her. However, heavily overshadowed by my vengeance. But it was there, somewhere. That is why I decided to keep my distance from her. I planned on destroying her from afar.

Her long train trailed behind us as we sauntered out of the church. Hand in hand. There was a big smile on her face. How could be she so happy after marrying a stranger? Well, a filthy rich stranger. The keyword is rich. And then I get it, the reason behind her smile was not me but my money. My lips twitched in disappointment.

My sleek black Roll Royce rolled in smoothly in front of the entrance as we stepped out. We made our way to it. But before we could reach it, she halted her steps making me stop as well. My brows scrunched in confusion as she clamped her hands tightly around the bouquet and then toss it over her shoulder for the unmarried girls to catch. Another stupid ritual.

The girl who caught it squealed in joy. I resisted the urge to put my hands on my ears. Why do they have to be so screamy? Crystal’s smile turned into a heartfelt laugh when she saw the reaction her little act elicited. Not being able to withstand this stupidity any longer, I held her hand and resumed walking.

The crowd was cheering for us as I opened the door for her. I am a gentleman. I heard an indiscernible thank you when she climbed into the car. After shutting the door, I rounded to my side and got in. Crystal was looking out of the window. Waving at the crowd.

“Drive,” I commanded my driver in a rough tone.

A sinister smile crept up my lips when I thought about all the fun activities I have planned for her. I couldn’t wait to rob her off her happiness. I couldn’t wait to see her suffering as I did. I still do.

I’ll turn every vow that she took with me into shackles. I’ll turn that pretty face of her into a beautiful canvas of agony. She has no idea that unknowingly she has bound herself with her nightmare. She is going to pay for every scar that lined my heart, body, and soul.

My sadistic mind was dredging out ways to torture her when a purposeful cough broke me away from my thoughts.

“ have an amazing car,” Crystal complimented in her sweet voice. Trying to strike a conversation, huh. I didn’t reply and kept my face towards the window. No acknowledgment. She should know her place.

We stayed like this until the car screeched to a halt. We were at the hotel. My hotel. We were going to stay here today for the reception. I alighted without sparing a glance at her. She stayed in the car waiting for me to open the door for her. But I walked straight to the entrance without looking back.

The reception marking the beginning of her destruction. Little dove has no idea what trap she has gotten herself into. I heard light footsteps coming from my behind. No words were traded between us during our journey to our room. I unlocked the door to my personal suite and opened the door. A nerve-racking scent of lavender wafted through my nostrils when we entered. I liked my room scented. But not with lavender. Specifically, not lavender. I hate its scent with all my guts. Wanna know the reason? Well, the reason is standing right behind me. I smelled lavender for the first time on her and it became my favorite instantly, thanks to her. But now I despise it as much as I despise her, maybe a little less than my wife, thanks to her. She walked past me to scan the room.

I refused to suck in the intoxicating air in my lungs and so turned on my heels and dashed out the door. I shut the door and inhaled deeply. I hate lavender. Its aroma reminds me of my past. Living with her under one roof and, on top of that, in one room is going to take a big toll on me. Not because I once had feelings for her but because I hate her. Every time she touches me, looks at me, or even stands near me, those terrifying memories barrels back and hits me like a bullet. I was convinced that I have gotten over them but seeing her again confirmed otherwise. I can’t forgive her even if I want to. I can’t love her again even if I want to. Those days won’t let me. Those scars won’t let me.

Marrying her can turn into the worst decision I could ever make if I don't tread carefully. I am well aware that what I have in stores for her would not only traumatize her but would pain me too. She reminds me of my sufferings.

A lone tear strayed down my eyes as my mind recounted something it shouldn’t have. However, I wiped it off as soon as it trickled down. The fire of revenge ignited again with full force. I am going to make her pay for everything. I felt my eyes hardening in determination. I took my car’s key from my driver and hit the road. The traffic was clear today, so it didn’t take me long to reach my office. I felt the anxiety building inside me hinting at another panic attack. Luckily, I keep my medicines both at home and office. I popped in the pill and closed my eyes while leaning on the chair to shut down all the memories.

My ringtone blaring out of my phone snapped me out of my sleep. I rubbed my eyes before picking the call. Benjamin's name flashed on the screen. My father.

“Where are you, son? Tonight is your reception. You remember?” he asked sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and got up from the chair. “I am coming,” I replied and disconnected the call. After picking my coat from the chair, I stepped towards my car.

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