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Married To My Bully

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I gave myself a once over in the mirror and exhaled deeply to force out all the nervousness messing with my mind right now. But it didn’t help. I was getting more anxious by every passing minute. My mom said that my face was illuminating with a special glow today. I fixed my eye on my face. Examining every detail of my heart-shaped face highlighted by the bridal make-up that my beautician had put on me. No doubt, I was glowing. My Mom called it “the wedding glow.” Is it even a thing I wondered.

I looked at myself wondering what the future holds for me. I was going to marry a stranger. Someone I had never met, let alone talk. I mean, Yes, I have seen him. On TV and Magazines but never in person.

I wondered what kind of person he is. Introvert or talkative? Serious or easy going? Romantic or boring? Oh god, please let him be romantic.

My father who fixed my marriage with him...Yes It’s an arranged marriage. My father described him as a man with a heart of gold. Which pretty much make sense considering he helped my father big time in bringing our drowning business back on the track. Alex has definitely knocked my Dad’s socks off. You can always find my old man singing praises of my soon-to-be husband. Soon-to-be husband. My dad was so impressed by him that he didn’t hesitate a bit from throwing a marriage proposal his way. That was embarassing. Like really embarassing. But my embarassment shortlived as it soon got replaced by astonishment when I was told that he has accepted the proposal.

This all happened a month ago. I met his parents who, to my relief, turned out to be very amiable and warm. We got along in no time. I did loads of shopping for my coming wedding. Threw a bachelor party for my bitches. But you know what? I never got the opportunity to meet him. One reason being, his business trips that kept him out of the country most days. I felt frustrated at times but couldn’t blame him. To run a vast business like his, one is bound to keep on their toes. We couldn’t meet even for once. What worse, we never really talked on phone either. You see busy people with busy schedule. Not having time to even text their future wife. Shocked, right? I know it's difficult to believe that a girl is getting married to a complete stranger in today's day and age. But you know what it's very much real. Its my story. I just hoped things would change after marriage.

So now why arrange marriage. Well for one, I trust my father with my life. Secondly, I lost interest in relationships after being almost strangulated by my ex. Yup. I was once in a relationship with an extremely posessive man with anger issues. It would be befitting to call it abusive relationship as he, more often than not, grew violent with me for talking, walking, or even laying eyes unconsciously on another male. I tried to put up with him for some while but he didn’t seem to care. So eventually, I tried to break up. But that didn’t bode well with him either. He came on me more violently. Tried to strangulate me with his belt but I managed to escape. And that was the last day I saw him.

From that day on I refrained from tangling myself in relationships. I had made up my mind that I would marry the guy my dad would choose for me. His instincts about me has always been right. They were right about my ex too. Dad never liked him.

So, back to the present, I could feel all my emotion nipping at my heart. I felt nervous, excited, anxious, thrilled, happy, and horny. Don't blame me. The man who is waiting for me at the altar is way too sexy.

"Cristie, you ready darling? Now is the time," my mother entered my room wearing her motherly smile. I threw a smile at her way.

The look on her face told me that I was indeed looking the picture in my wedding attire.

"Honey, you're looking stunning," She pulled me in for a hug as a tear escaped her eyes. I let myself lose in her embrace.

"I am nervous, mom," I confessed while pressing my cheek further into her chest.

"Yes. That's normal, baby. Being nervous is good. It keeps you strong," She kissed my forehead. I nodded.

"Are you ready?" She asked while cupping my left cheek. I nodded again.

After fifteen minutes of drive we were in front of the church. I looked up nervously at the entry door of the church.

My heart was hammering hard against my ribcage. I forced a knot down my throat as my mind started dredging out all the misfortunes that can fall on me for marrying a stranger. What if he is a sadist? What if we wouldn't be able to put up with each other? What if he is into bdsm? Well, the last one thrilled me, more than it scared me.

My mind was buzzing with lots of merits and mainly demerits of marrying a stranger. But they came to an abrupt halt when dad looped his arm into mine. I lifted my cold feet to move forward as my dad ushered me in through the door.

Don't ask me how was I feeling in that moment. My stomach was somersaulting whereas my heart had strated slamming even harder against my ribcage impatient to jump out of my chest. And then the very heart of mine missed its beat when my eyes found him. He was standing over there in a typical black suit jacket, white shirt, and black pants. He was looking impossibly handsome. I darted my eyes back onto the ground. Suddenly too nervous to meet his eyes.

My heart started beating even more vigorously with each step I took towards him. My ears had grown deaf to the music echoing through the room. All I could hear was my heartbeat.

I became even more nervous when dad unhooked his hand from mine. I ignored the urge of sprinting out of the church.

And then he held out his hand. His large and firm hand. I couldn't help but wonder how would his hands feel all around my body. Alright, I gotta admit that I have things for hands. I mean if you ask me what is the first thing I notice in a man. Then I would answer his hands. And his hands were looking damn promising.

Without further delay, I slipped my hand into his warm one. I must say I wasn't prepared for the burning Flames of desire that unfurled inside of me as soon as our skin made contact. That was the first time I touched him. He tightened his grip and pulled me up.

My curiosity trumped my nervousness and I couldn't resist the urge of stealing a glance at him. Well, what was supposed to be a teeny tiny glance stretched into a creepy gawking. Yup, I just couldn't sweep my eyes off him as soon as they latched on his pretty face. Trust me when I say, magazines and internet pictures failed to do justice to his beauty. He was far more handsome. My gaze wandered from his chiselled jaw, plumpy lips, Roman nose, to his entrancing eyes. I felt an undeniable pull towards his steely grey orbs. They were hiding a world of their own tempting me to get lost in them. And I felt myself more than ready to yeild to the temptation.

Our wedding ceremony went just like any. I had written my wedding vows but decided against reading them here. He wasn't bringing any.

In a flick of tongue my life changed. I became Mrs. Crystal Knight. Hmm.. the name has a good ring to it.

We headed towards his car with our hands locked. The warmth of his firm hand was melting my heart. Weird flex.

However, the journey to the hotel was not how I had expected. He didn't utter a single word. I tried to break the ice but his cold demenour solidified the ice even more. Maybe he was nervous too.

I felt slightly disappointed when he didn't open the gate for me. He just got down and sauntered off to the hotel's entrance without so much as looking back. I climbed off and followed him. I tried to keep up with his long strides but failed abjectly. So, I stayed behind him.

We stopped at a door with his name on it. He unlocked the door and stepped in without even throwing an eye at me. What is wrong with this guy? Not even a smile. Or even a glance of acknowledgement.

Weighing my options which was either step in the room or step in the room. I decided to step in the room.

An enticing scent of lavender welcomed us. My sour mood immediately got better and a smile flickered on my lips. I love lavander and it's scent.

I strode further into the room filling my lungs with this aromatic air. Not only the air of the room was heart pleasing but the interior of room itself was a feast to an eye too.

My concentration broke when I heard a click sound. Instinctively, I turned my head around and realized that my husband had dipped out.

I paced around the room in my wedding gown for a while. The reception was going to start anytime now and my dear husband had gone AWOL. I didn't even have his phone number.

Utterly confused, I decided to call his mother. Much to my relief, she picked the phone after one ring only. I told her about his absence. I sensed a tinge of annoyance in her voice when she told me to keep calm. Annoyance not for me but for her son.

After a few minutes the door drawled open. I felt a wave of relief only to have it crushed second later when the person who eneterd revealed its face. It was a woman. I rose from the bed and shot her a confused look.

"Mam, I am Diana. I am your beautician for tonight," she greeted me with a professional smile. I smiled back and nodded in agreement.

The woman was indeed an expert. It took her half an hour to groom me into my best self. She left after congratulating me and giving me a satisfactory smile over her work.

For forty-five minutes I remained in the room, clueless. Alex still hadn't returned. I wondered where had he gone. My mind was still busy churning out the reasons when the door flew open commanding my attention instantly. I spun around only to come face to face with my mother-in-law. Like usual, she was wearing a motherly smile.

"You look very beautiful, crystal. I am so glad my son chose you," Her smile widened when she mentioned her son. A shade of scarlet crept over my cheek at her words. "Now, let's go down stairs. Alex is waiting for you," she added. Whereas, her first sentence made me blush the next left me disappointed. I was expecting him to take me to the reception. I could have used some warmth of his hand. Or maybe a kiss would have done the trick.

I smiled away my disappointment and followed her into the hall where the biggest day of my life was being celebrated.

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