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Rohan and Rahul are twin brothers. Both of them eloped from their home town years ago. Their parents are mutually divorced, due to infidelity issues. Took place when they are at age 7 and the process took place in front of them. Which impacted Rohan, emotionally. Now living with their grandfather. In between, a girl comes as a neighbour. Rohan falls in love with that girl on first sight. But the girl falls in love with Rahul. What follows is a series of twists & turns that finally leads to the mystery in a jiffy. How & what happens? What Rohan will do? How story readers will come to know his past & present. Keep reading to get more interested. Hey guys, this my own story doesn't try to copyright.

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Chapter 1

Come let's go into the story.

Let me start with a small introduction 😊

Come join me lovely😍

Rohan is the hero of this story is a young-looking handsome guy, every girl's dream boy🧑👨‍⚖️. He is a crime news reporter, who works in a local newspaper.

Rahul is the second hero of this story, both Rohan and Rahul are twin brothers who👬 living in the hill station.

He also looks stunning, a young👨‍🎓 boy who just wants to enjoy his life. Doing his 2nd-year psychology.

Laura is the heroine of this story, very pretty, pitches in perfectly as the sassy.👩

These three persons are the important character in this story, here arrives so many twists, suspense, illusion romance, and thriller.

This story is my creation, got inspired by seeing twins in real life. What happens, if they fall into a love triangle. It is in, no way based on the movie. I've never seen it.

Keep your fingers cross, and wait for each update to read it and feel excited guys.

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