Stuck With You

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What would you do if you were getting stalked? That is a question the 23-year-old Rachel Owens can answer. You hire bodyguards for protection and seek advice from a lawyer. Rachel was born into a wealthy family, she is the heiress of a well-known car company. She has it all if you exclude her sleepwalking tendencies, apart from that she is known as a brilliant executive. Her world turns upside down when a stalker begins to taunt her with her past unravels, a past she has no memories of. As a result, she has to have security around her. What she didn't expect is to share security with the daring businessman, Ruben Carter. Two individuals dealing with issues, one hiding and the other one running from the past. Problems even money can’t solve.

Mystery / Romance
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's (strandedblue) imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or actual people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

I picked up the fork as the kind woman insisted, she wanted to thank me for helping out.

" Eat up kids, before it gets too cold," the man said, as he gestured with his fork cheerfully.

I looked to my left, a same-aged boy, he started to eat and the man patted him on his short brown hair.

'No, don't eat that' the little voice in my head said, I decided to ignore it since it will make the woman sad.

I start to eat the food on my plate, I feel eyes on me as I eat.

" It's good right?" The woman asked with curiosity, I nod in response.

My stomach starts to hurt after a couple of bites, I put down the fork and drink the water in front of me.

Warmth spreads through my body as my sight becomes blurry.

As my eyes close and open my surroundings changes to a basement, panic hits me as I hear footsteps coming closer. I open the door beside the steps and run as fast as my small legs can.

Cold sensations travel from my feet to the rest of my body, bringing me back to reality.

Heavy breathing and cold sweat remind me that it was a nightmare, a nightmare I had for years. I hug my arms around me, protecting myself from the cold breeze. I had slept and walked outside as expected.

" Damn, now I have to get another lock added,"
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