Stuck With You

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Chapter 10

Ruben’s Pov

My brother’s words echoed in my mind, that bastard ruined my night with wild friends. I didn't even bother to call the lawyer whose name I forgot. It shouldn't be a problem when this place is owned by my close friend and there's security. And it wasn't even worth it since my mood was crashing down. I in-button my sleeves and roll up the white dress-shirt.

I groan as I put down one of my nine remaining cards, I was getting behind the rest. Being last is not my usual position.

“ What’s wrong Ruben? Your luck seems to be gone” If being playful was a person, Tyler right here would be the representative of that. If it was another time I would be teasing him back. Right now he was getting drunk and I'm too sober for my liking.

“ Shut up, I’m not in the mood” I said as I glared at him, he pretended to get shot by my gaze. In return, I shake my head and let it hang low.

“ Calm down, put those weapons away” He continued, I sigh as a hand pats me on the back.

“ Stop it, let’s finish up this round” Finn warns us, it’s his turn to play and he takes his time choosing a card.

He puts his card down and flashes my pearly smile, meaning I’m defeated. I can’t even drink for the rest of the game since I’m not allowed by the contract that I signed. I have learned my lesson from a this-business partner that can’t always be trusted, even if you started as friends. I glanced at my watch and readjusted it on my wrist.

“ I’m going home, Il’ call you tomorrow,” I muttered under my breath to my five friends, and the table started to boo at my exit. I swung my jacket over my shoulder and grabbed the keys. My hair framed my eyes and I pushed it back out of frustration. One of the security escorts me out to my car that is luckily parked at the nearest parking lot. The darkness in the sky would shortly fade away since the morning hour was approaching the city.

I turned my phone back on as I entered my car, as I expected missed calls from a couple of people appeared on my screen. Most of them are from my lawyer, I wonder what was so urgent for him to call me fifteen times. I will call him back once I arrive at the hotel.This morning's argument started to replay as I drove.

“ Peyton called me yesterday asking about you, I
thought you guys were happy together,” He said without looking up from his papers, the only thing that moved was his eyebrow. Questioning me about my actions.

“ Don’t answer her next time, we were until she wanted something serious” I said as I approached the big window facing the city, I could feel his gaze on my back as he sighed at my response.

“ That’s an asshole move, you can’t blame her for catching feelings” He muttered.My stubborn older brother doesn't back down easily when it comes to my private life.

“ Maybe or maybe not, but I did tell her from the beginning that I'm not looking for anything serious” It was my turn to sigh, he doesn't get it.

“ Would it be better to lead her on or break up?” I continued explaining my reason even though I shouldn't have to. Matt for the past three years has been in a happy marriage which I support and I know he wants me to settle down.

“ Let me ask you this, for how long are you going to let the divorce affect your relationships?” He said frustrated, our eyes met in a fierce gaze.

He still sees me as the vulnerable boy that cried for days when our parents separated, I have grown out of that and seen how happy they have become over the years. He has always been the wise one but that doesn't give him a therapist license, does it?

I pass the security check and continue driving into the basement of the hotel. I grab the keys and my jacket out of the passenger seat and exit the car. The elevator doors opened and I entered it. My finger pressed on the button up to my room, I leaned my back against the wall and tapped my feet on the floor as I waited for the doors to open.

The view made me stop tapping my feet, my heart skips a beat when the dark hallway lightens up and a few feet away, the serial sleepwalker dressed in all black pajamas once again scares the shit out of me. She stood facing the elevator before she started to move. I inhaled a deep breath as I rubbed my heart area, she walked carelessly towards and changed the direction towards the wall in front of her room. I quickly approached her and placed my hands gently on both sides of her head. In the process I moved away her hair that reminded me of that scary movie, I don't need another heart scare.

“This is dangerous you know?” I scolded the cooperative Owens, a rare sight. Her room was opened all the way just like the last time I saw her haunting the hallway. I turn the lamp on and guide her into her living room I point for her to sit down on the couch, her brown eyes staring back at me without any words.

“ Right, you’re still sleeping”

Letting her sleep on the sofa might cause an injury and her carpet in front of the sofa would be a better place. I carefully lay her down on the carpet without waking her up. Once I’m done I silently stand up and walk towards the door. As I’m about to exit I decided to walk back and grab the blanket from the sofa and place it on her lower body. With quiet steps, I close the door and enter my hotel room. I kicked off my shoes and was ready to shower and go to sleep after a long day.

Hopefully, she stays inside her room until the morning comes, for both of our sake.

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