Stuck With You

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Chapter 11

The shoelaces came undone as I stepped down on the steps leading to the hotel gym. I bent down on one knee and tied a tight knot. My neck wasn't in the best condition and that pain is traveling down my body. I grabbed my water bottle from the ground and continued walking towards the gym. The upbeat music traveled through the walls and into my ears.

It reminded me of yesterday at the beach house where I was surrounded by my lovely family. Today I’m regretting that I got drunk, I know I can't drink according to the contract but Mr.Graham’s call pushed me to it. And now I have a headache and muscle ache.

A smile grows on my face when I remember that Hailey and her high school sweetheart are finally engaged. Can't believe it has been that long since they first met.

As I’m walking I feel a sudden pull on my ponytail and my smile dropped in the process, I grabbed my sore neck and turn around faced the person who has a death wish.

“ Too slow, you got to work on that” Ruben says, looking directly into my eyes. I stared at him, his clothing was opposite of mine, I had on a short-sleeved shirt and long training pants. His long sleeved was tight on him as it outlined his well-trained body and his legs were covered with shorts. He winks at me, I sigh as I turned back and continued walking.

“ Is that how you treat your man?” He says as we enter the almost empty gym. As always Mr. Graham is quick with his orders, I was hoping for more days to prepare myself for this.

“ No, that’s how I treat you,” I say emphasizing on you, I didn't bother to look at him as I grabbed a pair of black boxing gloves. I will warm up first by riding a bike since I’m not planning on pulling a muscle and then I will go to the boxing corner.

“ I must be special then?” I drowned out his voice as I walked closer to the bicycle area: where the music was the loudest. I scanned the area for the least populated corner since the bikes are placed close to each other. A girl grabs her bottle and leaves this room, perfect timing. I quickly walk over to her spot and hop on the bike nearby.

Working out is something I have been doing more often, I enjoy running outside rather than being inside. I glanced at the mirror wall in front of me giving me a broad view of the well-equipped gym. I zoned out as I sped up the pace.

Somehow I woke up on the floor this morning and my neck is suffering from it. I’m well aware of my sleepwalking tendencies and I’m surprised I didn't walk outside of my room. It might seem like a small step but it’s a big improvement for me.

Ten minutes into my warm-up I see the tall energetic brown-haired man grab a pair of gloves, he enters the boxing ring right behind me. We make eye contact through the mirror and he gestures for me to turn around. Instead of turning around, I raise my eyebrow questioning his intentions.

He comes closer to the edge of the ring and holds on to the upper rope. I stopped moving my legs and rested for a bit.

I reached down for my water bottle and took a couple of sips.

“Come on, you look like you can fight,” He says as he puts on his gloves.” Or am I wrong?” He adjusted them and placed his hands in front of his face, a fighting stance.

His serious facial expression makes me almost laugh. I turn off the bicycle and when I’m off it I put on the gloves I brought with me earlier. I looked up at him and his brown eyes were trained on me.

“ Alright, don't forget you asked for it,” I say as I tightened my gloves and entered the ring by squeezing through the two ropes in the middle. We both moved to the middle of the pad our eyes met in a fierce glance even before the fight began.

“ Let's see what you got,” He says as we walk in circles. I make the first move by swinging at him with my right arm; he responds by blocking my move. “ Still too slow,” he says with amusement and a half-smile appears on his face. I’m not a boxer but I sure as hell am competitive, basically the same thing.

“ Too slow?” I repeated his words, he nods and by his stance, I could tell that he was about to move his left arm. He does as I expected and I dodge his attempt, his focus was on my hands so he loses balance when I swing and slide my feet across his to dodge him. I immediately punch him in his gut just enough to catch him off guard and with the unsteady balance he falls. I stare at him as he looks at the ceiling.

“ Then how come you didn't see that coming?” I say, I felt proud of myself and with a cocky smile, I stared back at the little audience we gathered. The entire time I could feel their gaze directed towards us, but when I looked back at them they would get back to their training.

As I focused on my victory, the mischievous man on the floor used this as an opportunity and had swept me off the ground, his foot sliding across my legs. A second after that I’m in a warm embrace in the arms of Ruben who is sitting on the floor, I snapped my head up in shock. I’m met by his gaze, his eyes were keeping captive as his own moved across my face. A charming smile emerged on his lips.

“ I stand on my statement, you’re still too slow,” He says in a low voice and as I felt my heartbeat speed up I stand up quicker than I have ever done, I could feel my face turn warm. My eyes wandered everywhere in this room avoiding the stares from Ruben, afraid that they might get stuck at him.

The sound of our phones was all I needed to flee this situation. I took off the gloves and jumped out of the ring. I picked up my phone from the floor and unlocked it. I let out a relieved breath when I see who the message is from.

“ They are here right?”

I nodded since he was referring to the bodyguards, they would be at the garage within an hour. My heart was still beating loudly so I took a sip of my water. This workout wasn't healthy for my poor heart.

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