Stuck With You

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Chapter 13

Another picture had appeared only this time it was attached to the back of my shirt. Ruben was the one who mentioned it, he swore it wasn't there earlier. And he was right about because I recalled the little incident before we entered the car. The crowd had already gotten kicked out by the hotel staff members.

There I was observing the bouquet of flowers not knowing somebody was snapping a picture of me from another building, that’s based on the angle the picture was taken from. The picture had a message on it in bold letters.

You are making it too easy, enjoy it for now.

Whoever is behind it is getting bold with their threats, doing it in a public place not once but twice. For what I can tell the path is changing and it seems like it's not going to be one with flower petals. The four alert men were quick to lead us right into the hotel's surveillance room, demanding to see the video tapes from the cameras in the basement.

Here we were gathered at the hotel's headquarter with a worker and the hotel manager. There were a couple of tv’s positioned beside each other on the wall. Our eyes were set on the one going back ten minutes. The manager's phone started to ring and he sent us an apologetic look as he quietly walked out of the room. I could see Mr. Andrews and Grant glare at the manger from the reflection on the tv.

“ I’m very sorry about this, we don't usually have situations like this. As you may know a famous pop artist is staying here” The man behind the computer spoke breaking the silence, he was going through the tapes as we searched for the stalker. Suddenly the tapes show about fifty people storming through the gates and into the basement. I narrow my eyes taking in everything happening on that tape and look for suspicious behavior.

“ This could have easily ended badly, absolutely not acceptable since your clients expected to have privacy and feel secure whilst staying here” Mr.Clark was clearly angered by the situation and it could be heard in his tone. Understandable as we had to argue with the manager to get in here but he is directing it to the wrong person.

“ Are you alright Owens? Maybe you should take a seat” Ruben says as the rest begin a conversation at the back. He was also quietly monitoring the tv in front of us. Although I felt a bit dizzy due to the anticipation rising by the second still I didn't want to sit down until it was done.

“ I will be alright, I will do that once this is over” I say as I switch arms and fold them over my chest. I took a step forward once I saw somebody bump into me and reach for something. The masked person quickly disappeared into the crowd once I turned around.

“ Wait, go back three seconds” I turned my attention to the security man and gestured to him to roll back. Everybody else comes closer to the tv for a better look. As the tape rolls back I can see that person moved with the crowd and separated from them once they got closer to me. The all-black outfit with an equally black mask didn't stand out since most of the crowd were wearing similar clothing. It’s as the person knew exactly where the camera was because right after attaching the picture on me, what appears to be a man walks away with their head down.

“ That bastard passed right by us, I remember making eye contact with him as he disappeared into the crowd,” Mr. Grant says when he takes a closer look at the masked man. Everybody's attention turned to him as he stared blankly at the tape. “ The only thing that could be seen was his dark brown eyes and I also noticed that he didn't have a tan” He continued to describe the man. However, you look at it the man didn't stand out in any way and the way he walked away casually showed he was aware of his advantage. I sigh as I run my fingers through my hair.

“ I need you to send a copy to the police and call this number if you suspect anything” Mr. Smith was quick to grab a pen and scribble on a note, he gives it to the worker once he is done.

This is getting out of hand and I have no time for worrying about the miserable person, at night I have started to question every encounter in my life. And this can not be somebody who has romantic feelings for me and if that is the case then this person is on something else.

“ I will do that once my manager gets back” The man behind the computer hesitantly said. Mr. Andrews's tall frame exited the room, seems like he's going to search for the manager. Ruben who was standing beside me walks to the back of the room and I hear him drag back something with him.

“ Sit down, I think it might take longer than expected” His hands grab me by the shoulder and slightly push me down on the chair.

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