Stuck With You

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Chapter 14

Somehow I managed to get work after the hotel incident. After contacting Mr.Graham we went straight to work, separating from the other three men. I could barely focus on the document in front of me.

Everybody's attention turned to the creaking sound coming from the front, the office door. A head full of blonde hair peeked out of the door before she entered the door. She was holding some paper and she glanced at Mr.Smith and Mr.Grant who went back to staring at the window.

“ Here's some paper from the marketing department, you need to sign this,” Ylva said as she placed the papers on my desk and handed me a pen. The paper only has one page, they are asking for allowance for the upcoming project. I sign it before giving back the paper and the pen.

“ I will be leaving now,” Ylva says before making her exit. I nodded and went back to my unfinished work. I could see from the corner of my eye see the two men's shadow as they sat down on the only colorful item in this office, my bright yellow sofa. They seemed to notice the new pile of newspapers and magazines on the little table, I instructed someone to bring in new ones every other day. That's all they do when we are in my office and it creates a peaceful environment. My phone lights up and my dad's caller id pops up on my screen. I answered it and leaned back on my chair as I brought the phone to my ear.

“ Rachel, How are you? Is everything alright” My father spoke, his voice sounded concerned.

“ I’m fine, what made you think that something is wrong?” I asked curiously, did he find out about this situation if so I need to prepare for his lecture. I held in my breath as I silently waited for his answer.

“ That's great to hear, well you usually call me every other day but lately I haven't been receiving your calls”

I let out the breath I was holding and straightened my posture. Of course, he would notice the change in my behavior. I have been distancing myself from my family to spare them from this shit show.

“ I have been very busy with work, I was wondering if you have time to eat lunch with me on Thursday” I replied as I clicked on my calendar looking at my schedule. Thursday was a good choice since I have a long lunch period.

“ Thursday? Works for me, I will call later alright?”He said as I heard somebody call for him. I say goodbye and hang up.

9.00 PM

Finally finished with my work as time passed by quickly. I sent the files to each group and tied my messy desk before leaving my office for the day.

“ You got everything with you?” Mr. Smith asked, he turned on the car. I checked my bag quickly and everything seemed to be in there.

“ Yes, I do” I replied as I pulled on the seatbelt, once he heard that he drove off the parking lot.

The thoughts I have been blocking at work get emancipated once I relaxed in the car seat and closed my eyes. I could have been seriously injured today but I'm not and that doesn't settle with me, it's not that I’m ungrateful but it's the fact that the stalker could have done some bad injuries to me. Yet they didn't, that was a great opportunity for them. As a businesswoman, the only time I pass an opportunity is when I know there's a more successful option.

Tension starts to build up in my head the more I think about the stalker's motive. I turn my head towards the window as the hotel comes into view. I need to be more cautious and not underestimate whoever is under that mask.

“ We're here ma'am” It was Mr. Grant who informed me that we had arrived at the hotel's parking lot. My eyes carefully scanned the area as I exited the car. I hear the passenger seat door open and close.

“ From now on, I will accompany you to your room,” Mr. Grant says as he walks beside me towards the elevator, it calmed me down a little. I nodded as an answer and pressed on the big button.

We stood in comfortable silence on our way to my room. I could tell by his gaze that he was deep into his thoughts. The elevator alerts us that we reached our destination. He walks out before me and takes the lead to my room.

“ Thank you, have a safe drive home,” I say as I unlock my door.

“ Call us if anything happens”

“ I will make sure to do that,” I say to him, he gives me a reassuring smile before leaving. I locked the door after I entered the hall. I immediately kicked off my shoes at the entrance.

A light knock on my door made me stop and listen once more, I had already made my way towards the kitchen. After two more knocks on my door, I decided to check who's behind that door.

My tall brown-haired neighbor stood there while holding up an offer, some drinks.

“ I thought you might need some company and a drink,” He says, he smiles when he sees my expression. It would be nice to relax but this man and relaxing are on different pages.

“ Come in”

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