Stuck With You

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Chapter 15

“Let's hope that the lawyer doesn't find out” His brown eyes search mine before he drinks the last sip in his glass.

“ I won’t tell if you won't,” I said as I held up my glass in the air, a soft smile appearing on his lips as he copied my gesture.

“Deal,” He said, agreeing with my statement, a slight click sound could be heard when our glass met. I drank the remaining sips in my glass and relaxed into the sofa while turning my gaze towards the balcony view.

If a week ago somebody told me that I was going to sit outside on my room's balcony protected by a glass shield, drinking with Ruben. I would have my therapist's number on speed dial, telling her I have another client for you. However, that was not the case for the day before yesterday.

He poured another shot into my glass and then one for himself. For some odd reasons the energetic city seemed calm and the stars appeared to be closer, perhaps I should use this balcony more often.

“How are you keeping up? From what I’m seeing you have a crazy bastard after you” His voice breaks the silence and brings me out of my daze. I turned my head slightly to look at him, his gaze was stuck on the view and he seemed to be deep in his thoughts. I laughed for a second before I went back to my previous position, my head resting against the cold wall behind the sofa.

“ You noticed that now? That bastard has been messing with me for a while now, he better pray that I’m not the one who catches him” I scoffed towards the end of my sentence, this wasn’t a threat it has become a promise.

“ He surely messed with the wrong person, Rage Owens with the iron fist” Once I heard the nickname slip out of his mouth I immediately punched his shoulder . His loud laughter fills the room.

“ See? That shit hurts” He said while rubbing his arm. Throughout our short period, I have realized that his presence isn’t as bad as I thought. The more time I spend with him the more I want to know about him, a bad idea.

“ What about you? Why did you sign up for security?” I said while trying to sound uninterested, I finally asked the one thing that pops up in my mind when I see him. It was no secret about my situation but his reasons are unknown and for some reason that bothers me. I squeeze my eyes as I take another sip of my bitter drink.

“ In short it’s about my brother, somebody threatened him and then he forced everybody to have at least one bodyguard,” He said casually, I nodded slowly not expecting his answer, or even answering.

A couple shots later and I was feeling drunk, my mind was all over the place. I felt myself slowly lean in towards Ruben as he stared at me in silence, his eyes curiously followed my movements.

“ You're really drunk huh?”His teasing voice was the last thing I heard before I was knocked out.


Two cups of coffee later and everything from that night poured into my brain. Two days have already passed since that yet I can not wash away the embarrassment. Did I kiss him or not, I don't need to know that for now.

How could I be so stupid?

Avoiding him at all costs has been added to my daily schedule, I leave for work earlier and come back later than usual. Thankfully the morning after that I was wearing my clothes otherwise all hell would break loose. I grabbed the tissue from the table to clean the coffee I spilt

“ Darling is something wrong?” My father asked, we decided to have some coffee and pastries before my break ends. We were supposed to meet later today for dinner but our schedules constantly change.

“ I’m just clumsy you know, we have to go now since my break is coming to an end” I said in my casual tone, my father nodded and grabs his car keys from the table.

“ Alright, let's go then” He said as we stood up, he had picked me up earlier from the company, Mr. Grant and Mr. Smith had to follow us quietly.

I followed my father out of the car and began driving back. Spending time with family has always been away for me to clear my head for every dirt thrown at me, my safe place.
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