Stuck With You

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Chapter 16

Four new car models for our next collection were presented to me when I arrived in my office.

I have been looking at these and two of them are not what I expected, I’ll have to send back the 3D drawing and have them re-do it.

A knocking on my door draws my attention from the computer to the person in question. I can already tell who it’s by the way they knock.

” You can come in, Ylva,” I said as I continued to look at the work. I have had two other assistants however I’m very amused by her because even though she has been my assistant for the longest time, I have had to tell her multiple times that she can come in anytime while the other two didn't need reminding. Somehow she still decides to knock every time before entering. My two bodyguards went on a trip to the toilet, our company is big and it seems like the got lost since the have been gone for a few minutes now.

” You have a visitor downstairs,” She said as she half entered the room. Her blonde hair was neatly in a bun, her signature look.

” Well I’m busy right now, tell them to book a meeting next time” I said as I started to type into my report.

” He said he knows you and it’s important,” She continued. Usually, Ylva won’t bother to be a messenger so this must be a persistent person.

” If he knew me,he would not come by today” I replied and clicked away from my document and decided to take a look at the cameras.

“ Who is it?” I asked her, showing her the surveillance cameras on my computer screen.

She clicked on the one focused on the lower department. It's pretty crowded today but still, one person caught my attention immediately.

“ That’s him” Ylva said, pointing at a dark-haired man wearing a work shirt and jeans.

My breath gets caught in my throat once the man turns around.

It can’t be him, a co-worker greets him and hands him a coffee. He returns a gentle smile and as if he can see me he looks up at the camera. His striking grey eyes took me by shock, making it clear who he was.

Sweat starts to form on my palms as my heart starts to pick up the speed, a year later and he still has an effect on me.

Memories of the past flows through my head. I had dug them deep down, far away from the surface. Just a look of him and they crawl out of it. The feelings I had for him, the amount of care I had for him and the butterflies that used to appear by his presence were all zombie-fyd. Dead things should never revive, they lost their core.

” It’s everything alright Miss Owen?” Ylva asked quietly from the door. I nod in response. I cleared my throat.

” I’m alright, tell him I’m extremely busy” I said without looking at her. I hear the door close and I close my eyes as I let go of the breath I was holding.

I remember it clearly the day he became a weed in my garden. The day I found out he was cheating on me, four years of a relationship was that easy for him to throw away.

I wanted to put the blame on the other woman. I didn’t want to believe he would hurt me in any way. But he did in fact do that and thankfully I came to a realization that putting the blame on her wouldn’t change anything. I wasn’t in a relationship with her. She wasn’t my friend but he was, he owed me loyalty.

I promised myself never to let him back in and unlike him, I’m determined to stay loyal to myself.

The door once again opened, this time without knocking. I accidentally glared at Ylva who scratched her neck before walking to my desk, I watched her place a paper on my desk. I stared at her with a questioning look. Nowadays paper and letters set my stressors, kinda ironic since my work consist of paperwork.

“ After I delivered your message he gave me this paper,” She said hesitantly.

“ Next time, don’t listen to that man,” I said before I dismissed her, she nodded before leaving my office and closed the door after her. Now it was just me and the folded paper that annoyed my vision. I opened and my eyes roamed around the paper as I read the content, I don't know what I was expecting but it sure as hell wasn’t this.

Rachel, I know I have messed it up badly and hurt you by my actions. I know my words have lost value in your eyes but if you're willing to meet and perhaps talk, then meet me on Saturday night at the restaurant we used to go to. I hope to see you there.

Laughter leaves my mouth as I read it once more, I feel my anger build up by his arrogance. I refuse to cry over a man that doesn't deserve my tears ever again. It’s easy for him to meet since he wasn't the one who got his trust ripped and stumped on.

“ I guess I need another drink” I mumbled to myself as I held my head in frustration.

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