Stuck With You

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Chapter 17

After days of thinking and arguing with myself, I have concluded that there's a small chance that Oscar might be the stalker. The stalking happened shortly after our break up and Mr.Graham told me that the stalker might have feelings for me, which fits in with him.

Then there's the other side of me that refuses to believe in that, yes he did cheat on me but he was never the type to stalk. If that makes any sense. Today is Saturday and I have been having a staring contest with my closet for the past hour. All I had to do now was to find the dress to destroy a man's spirit outfit, my makeup was exuding that energy once I put on my fancy eyelashes extensions. A black box catches my attention as my eyes roam around the now messy closet. It contains a little black dress from Hailey’s 23 birthday collection, my fingers graze the velvet material of the dress I stand up and face the mirror. Deep red lipstick, light gold-colored eyeshadow, and black eyeliner. My wavy hair had more volume to it which complimented my dark hair, and of course, my black velvet dress and heels fulfilled the look. For the last touch, I sprayed my light vanilla-scented perfume all over my body.

Once I was pleased with the task I walked out of my room and towards the hall, I grabbed a long black coat from the hanger. I take one last look at the mirror beside the door before I leave for the night.

I see Mr.Grant in a black suit heading towards my way and he stops once he sees me coming out of my room. He was against this restaurant meeting but Mr.Graham had the final decision.

“ Hello, you look stunning Mrs.Owens,” He said with a smile that reached his eyes. I followed his lead as we walked towards the elevator.

“ Thank you, that suit looks great on you,” I said while giving him an approving nod. He chuckles and presses on the basement button. The elevator stops at the second level and two teenage girls enter the elevator, they turn silent as they stand on the other corner. I glanced at my phone to see what time it is, it looks like we might be thirty minutes late, perfect.

The sound of my heels touching the ground echoed in the basement as we strolled to the car. Mr. Grant opened the car for me to enter and I tossed my purse in first. My gaze landed on the driver seat which was occupied by Mr. Smith who nods at me, he was wearing a similar suit to Mr. Grant. I adjusted my coat and then put on my seat belt before we hit the road.

Restaurant Gio’Vanni used to be my favorite restaurant in this city and when I was a teenager I would always dine there with my now ex. The booking time takes months but I had my ways. To the point where my uncle-in-law added Italian cuisine to his Greek restaurant. I even named the late cat after it. My obsession died out when I got the stomach flu and during that week I made the mistake to eat food from there, now it reminds me of that time. The restaurant is placed a bit outside of the city and is surrounded by bars, arcades, and other premises.

Forty minutes later and we had arrived at our destination, I stepped out of the car when Mr. Grant had opened it for me. The cold breeze passes by my face as I inhale the fresh air, mentally preparing to meet a man who I haven't seen for eight months and maybe more. As we are about to enter the restaurant I see familiar faces exiting the arcade and heading towards us. The three of them were also wearing suits, two of them in dark blue and one in dark red.

“ Where are you guys going? All dressed up” The owner of the voice had caught up to us, I turned around and it was Ruben who had a confused look on his face. The red suit made him even more handsome and by his confidence, I could tell he already knew that. His question was directed at me and I placed my hand on the glass door.

“ Mrs. Owens is meeting someone here” Mr. Grant's response to breaking the silence on our side, Ruben seems to be slightly taken back that answer.

“ I see” He said as he moves to stand beside me, now I was the one looking confused.

“ You know this restaurant has a booking time?” I asked, thanks to the heels we were about eye level and it made this scenario more intense.

“ Never been a problem for me, let's go, I'm starving,” He murmured , a sly smile appearing on his lips as he pushed the glass door before me. I rolled my eyes as the rest of us entered after him. The playful expression disappears once I see Oscar’s back, his bright blue suit wasn’t hard to miss. Even with his back against me, I could recognize him in a room filled with people. Our table was quite far from the entrance and was facing the opposite side of the parking lot. I quickly compose myself before heading towards the table to close this chapter in my life.

His blue eyes stare at mine as if we were meeting for the first time, a curious yet nervous look. I watched him nervously wipe his hand with his equally bright blue pants. He flashes his pearly white teeth as I take the seat in front of him.

“ You look gorgeous as usual,” He said, I don't respond and if I did it would be some hurtful words, he clears his throat once he sees that my cold expression hasn’t changed. I decide to look at the menu placed in front of me.

“ I didn't think you would come, understandably” He continued speaking as I look up from the menu and blankly stare at him, trying to figure out if he was the stalker.

“ Now that you know that, tell me why you suddenly want to appear in front of me?” I cut right to the chase, he straightens himself and places his hands on the table.

“ Rachel, our break was the biggest mistake in my life and I regret it everyday” He said, his voice came out in a pleading tone. I scoffed at his words and leaned back on my chair.

“ Biggest mistake? Mine was giving you a chance and I would be damned to make the same mistake twice” I sneered at him, holding back the laugh waiting to burst any second. Instead, I looked at the table in front of us, seated by four men who are pretending to look at the menu and one whose blazing eyes met mine.

“ I get that as much as it pains me, having you in my life as a friend weighs more” He sighs and runs his hands through his short blonde hair. He can’t seriously be that stupid, who in their right mind would be friends with someone who wasted years of their lives in a second.

“ Let’s order some food first, you’re usually talk-active after that” He said while giving me a half-smile, he didn't just say that.

“ Drop that act, you lost that privilege a long time ago,” I said bitterly as I got ready to grab my coat and purse to leave since I’m getting irritated.

“ I’m sorry, it just came out of me” He looked shocked by my sudden outburst.

“ Answer me this, when did you return to this city?” I needed to know that to do the math, he blinks before clearing his throat.

“ I think two weeks ago, ” He replied, I sighed in relief and defeat. I don't have to worry about meeting him ever again but now we are back at square one. He might be lying but as I can check his flight to confirm that, he is well aware of that. I opened my purse and took out some cash and placed them on the table as I stood up, ready to leave. He looks at the money and back at me confused.

“ That was one me, and don’t come to my job again” I said and threatened him with the last sentence. I grabbed my coat and as I was passing by him I felt a hand grasping onto my wrist, refraining me from leaving.

“You’re just going to leave like that?” His voice sounded angry and disappointed, I shook away his hand in response and continued to walk towards my crew, all of them on their feet. I shake my head at them signaling them that he wasn’t the stalker. He shouted my name a couple of times and his voice was getting near, I didn't stop. Instead I stared at the exit door in front of me, it’s reflection showing the scene behind me. Mr. Grant and Smith stopped Oscar from walking up to me. Mr. Andrews was in front of me and he pushed the door open as we walked towards the cars. I started to laugh uncontrollably once I was alone in the car, I could see the others enter the car they came in. I wasn't laughing because it was funny, I was angry to put it correctly and I rather laugh now than cry.

Within a minute Mr. Smith and Grant entered the car, both of them exchange looks when they see me in the back wearing black sunglasses.

“So he is off the list?” Mr. Smith asks without looking at me as he starts to drive after the identical car. A good question, that I can not answer truthfully.

“For now,” I said after a couple of seconds, after that, we drove in silence back to the hotel. The way back always seems to be shorter in my perspective. I was too deep into my thoughts to realize we had arrived at the hotel basement.

We say our goodbyes as I exited the car, I see Ruben also exit their car. The heels became uncomfortable the more I walked and I could feel a sore building up or scrape up. On the other hand, I feel like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulder tonight and I loved that feeling, it reminds me of soaring high in the air.

Without thinking I reach for the elevator button and so does Ruben, I quickly pull away from my finger. I heard a sigh coming from Ruben and I proceeded to ignore him. Throughout our ride up I keep my gaze towards the mirror, I had almost forgotten to avoid him. My feet moved once the elevator door opened.

“Stop” Ruben says suddenly, his voice almost stopping me in my tracks.

“ What?” I responded as I continued walking. I opened my purse and searched for my keys.

“ Stop avoiding me, are you mad at me for something?” His voice sounded sincere and annoyed at the same time, I stopped and turned around to face him. His dark locks fell flawlessly on his forehead which decides to push back. I found my keys and took them out of the purse.

“ No, I’m not mad at you”I sighed, I was embarrassed and mad at myself. But he didn't need to know that. He places both of his hands on his waist and takes a step forward, I take two steps back.

“ Then why are you moving away from me?”He started to interrogate me, back at his teasing self.

“ Because-I don't need to explain myself”I was taken back by his question, that I almost exposed myself.

“Fine, but I’m starting to think it’s about that night,am I right?” He said in a low tome, he had moved closer without me realizing it, his soft fragrance surrounded me.

His hands reach for my sunglasses and take them off, and I don't stop him. His eyes shifted between my lips and eyes. I could tell he was searching for any hesitation before he leaned in, his locks fell on my forehead and it tickled me slightly. A captivating smile appeared on his lips as I connected our lips.

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