Stuck With You

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Chapter 18

Once I successfully locked the door behind me, I didn't waste a second to press my head against the wall.

Did I just do that, the sunglasses that I managed to retrieve were in my hands and I stare. I take out my phone as I throw myself on the couch, my fingers quickly dialed Hailey.
My bare feet dangled at the edge of the couch as I patiently waited for her to pick up.

“ Hi, I’m probably busy right-” I cut the line once I hear her voicemail, I sigh as I type a text urging her to call me and send it to her. I dragged myself out of the couch to change out of my dress and into more comfortable clothing.

After putting on my black pajamas and grabbing a spoon and bucket of Ben and Jerry ice cream I went right into my comfy bed. I turn on my laptop and place my ice cream on my nightstand.

With my laptop seated on my stomach as I search for something to watch on netflix, I’m not in the mood for watching anything human-related at the moment, so I decided to watch an animal documentary.

The screen zooms in on a zebra running for it’s life from an eager lion. A part of me hopes the zebra outruns the lion whilst the part of me cheers for the lion. I bring the spoonful of ice cream to my mouth.

My doorbell interrupts my peace. I pause the video and let it ring once more to be sure I heard right. I place my computer besides me on the messy bed as I make my way towards the door.

” Owens, open the door” It wasn't hard to figure out who it was, Ruben was the person on the other side, I frowned in confusion at why he would be at my door this late. I decided to let my curiosity win for the moment. I grasp the door handle but stopped once I remembered what had just happened.

“ Open, I won’t eat you,” He said while knocking on the door, I scoffed at his remark.

I opened the door as he asked, the first thing I noticed was that he was in a different outfit. He was wearing a black jacket with a hoodie and some brown sweatpants.

” Put on a jacket, we are going out” He said before I could ask why he was here. I stare at him in confusion as he runs his hands through his hair.

He walks in and I watch him grab my brown fuzzy jacket from my jacket rack.

” Why?” I finally asked him, as he bent down to my shoe racket.

” Why? Don’t you see the condition you are in? Sappy does not fit you” He says as he indicates what happened earlier today with my ex.

He then picks out my low black converse. He hands me the jacket and places the shoes beside my feets.

” At times like this you need to hang out with friends” He states and folds his arms around his chest. I put on the jacket over my black pajamas.

” So you’re my friend now?” I asked in a teasing tone as I took out some socks out of the cabin.

”If you wanna put it that way” He shrugged while I squeezed into my shoes, I grabbed my keys and we started to walk to the hall.

“Wait, where are we going? We can not leave without security” I had forgotten to ask that, we stopped beside the elevator and he pushed the button.

“ We are going out to eat and play some games, and the place has security,” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. At the moment I don't have another reason to stay inside. We entered the elevator once the doors opened.

I took off my hair tie from my arm, my hair was growing each day. I had my hair cut just the other day.

“ Fine, but only this time” I argued as I put my hair in a low bun, I looked at him through the mirror when he didn't respond. He nudges me on my shoulder to notify me that the doors had opened.

“ Let's go before it closes,” He had already gotten a couple of feet ahead of me, so I sped up my pace. This reminds me of when I used to sneak out to parties as a teenager. You would think the sneaking part would stay in the past.

I closed the passenger seat after me and put on my seatbelt, I’m not planning on flying out of the car tonight.

I closed my eyes and let the music take over, calming and it almost put me to sleep. A notifying sound and blinking come from the car.

“ I know a gas station nearby, we will be there shortly” He then starts to drive out of the hotel garage. I kept my eyes on the road ahead of us which had a lot of cars rushing by.

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