Stuck With You

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Chapter 1

With a swift move, I switched the grocery bag into my other hand so that my blood circulation can roam freely.

I carefully walked up the three steps of death, the gap between the steps and the material can easily send me to the next world.

And my heels aren't making it easy for me, luckily I survived today. My hand dive into the pockets of my jacket, trying to fish it up.

A napkin pack and gum but my keys aren't in there, I suck in air as the realization hits me.

" So this is who we represent?"A frequent and relevant question to myself.

I forgot the keys in my car, I need to stop doing that before it becomes a bad habit. I gently placed the grocery on the doorstep.

I walked back to my car, parked a short distance from my house.

Grumpy Marget stares at me whilst watering her flowers in her garden, I stare into her soulless eyes and wave at her.

She doesn't even acknowledge my effort to greet her. This house belonged to my grandparents and I consider this as my childhood home. I officially have been living in this gated neighborhood for three years as a homeowner and still, this old lady treats me as if I was a stranger.

When I reach my destination, I can already see that the keys are in the passenger seat.

I grab the keys and lock my car, in the process I see a letter on the windshield. I quickly scan the area and there is nobody in sight.

" What the hell?" I picked up the letter, too anxious to open it inside.

I ripped it open and out fell pictures, Not one but a bunch of pictures.

All of them have a recurring person, a woman with dark hair. In some of the photos she is out with a group of people and in others she is alone.

One of them stands out the most, a picture of a sleeping young woman.

That woman is me, all of the pictures are of me.

My heartbeat is drumming in my ears as if I was attending a rock concert.

My fingers quickly pass around the pictures in my hands.

Inside of the letter a message is written in it with big bold letters


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