Stuck With You

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Chapter 19

I nod my head along to an old classic blasting through the speakers as we speed through the night.

“ Just a quick warning, my friends are quite competitive,” He said as he slows down as we get closer to the orange stoplight, I turn my head from the window and faced him.

“ Specifically card games”

“I think I can handle that” I said as I leaned back to my seat, they are about to lose hard today. The lights turn green and Ruben exits the highway and onto a smaller road. He showcased a half-smile and shook his head. I returned my gaze towards the window to stare at the scenery, a black car appeared behind us, and squinted my eyes to see which model it was.

“ That car seems to be headed the same way as us,” Ruben said as he took a right turn, and the black car did the same. Not that odd since it happens all the time, but being paranoid has been the way to go lately.

“ Really? Maybe it's one of your friends?” I suggest Ruben glanced at the rear view mirror and shook his head.

“ Absolutely not, they are already there” Ruben disagrees but counties drive through the empty road. Once the black car gets right behind us the passenger seats window rolls down, a hand covered with gloves and a gun decide to make an appearance. I quickly duck my head as a the gun let's off a shot.

“ Shit, shit” the panic in Ruben's voice was clear once he understood the situation. He turns off the radio.

He stepped on the gas and I raised my head and peaked at the rearview mirror to keep my eyes on the car behind us, but it was no use since the bullet went through it. It’s not like I can stare directly at the car behind us unless I want my head blown off.

Suddenly another black car parks in front of us, blocking the road back to the highway.

“ Left, left,” I said in panic and he immediately took a left turn causing the car to drift before picking up speed once again. The sound of shotguns fills the air and for a second my heart stops beating. I pull out my phone and dial the emergency number and place the phone beside my ear. Another shot is fired and by the sound of it the shooters are getting closer.

“ Fuck, keep your head down” I barely heard his low voice as my focus was one hearing the man behind the line. The next second I feel his hand pushing my head towards the window, giving me no time to ask why the hell he did that. The sound almost pulled my soul out of my body.

It takes a second for my brain to register that a bullet was the caller of that sound, Rubens's hand leaves my head and painful noise leaves his mouth.

Blood rushes out of his shoulder and without thinking I grab the wheel and guide it to the entrance of the highway.

“Hello? Ma’am what is going on?” The man on the other line calls out as I drive us towards a safer place, to the hospital. You tell me what the hell is going on.

“ Two cars are chasing and shooting at us, we’re headed to Monroe Hospital, my friend got shot in the shoulder,” I said as I took a turn right. I take a glance at Ruben who's gritting his teeth in pain.

“ Put some pressure on that, hold on we’re almost there,” I said

“ Alright ma’am there will be some nurses and officers at the gate” I mentally nod at the man while scanning the road for any danger.

The cars are no longer following us, at least for now. As the dispatcher said, cop cars stood lined in front of the hospital.
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