Stuck With You

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Chapter 20

Answering call after call left me exhausted in the cold hallway. My family and friends had heard the news about the shooting last night. I had to assure them that I was not injured a dozen times.

Restlessly I sat right outside of the entrance to the surgery room. Everything seemed so overwhelming, noises fused and the strong smell of detergent. Yet my eyes were glued on the door waiting for them to open.

He had been in that room for hours now, the birds were already up and chirping. I even had my dose of nightmares last night, this time it was different. I was the camera and watched the little girl run out of the house. The nightmare seems to evolve these days.

I rested my head against the wooden table for a moment, staring at my hospital shoes as I waited for Mr.Grant to return from the toilet. He had not much to say once he returned, we both sat in silence. Mr. Smith had left earlier to get us some breakfast since we had not eaten yet.

A cold glass of water was placed in front of me on the wooden table, the cold traveled through my body as I cupped it with my hands.

Everything seemed to move awfully slow around me as I tried to focus on my breathing. I meet the eyes of an unfamiliar face wearing a cop outfit. He gives me a tight smile and nods at Mr Grant beside me.

“ What brings you here, officer?” Mr Grant was first to speak.

“Hello, I’m Officer Laurents. I have a couple of questions for you, are you able to answer them right now? '' The man shows me his official badge and fidget with a recording device. I inhale a deep breath before nodding at the police officer.

“ Great, what is your name? Can you explain what had just happened”

I began telling what I recalled from last night, it sounded like the start of a horror movie. Luckily all of my cars have great cameras that capture everything in sight. Mr.Graham had already sent the files to the investigators.

“ Do you have anything more to add?” The officer looked up from his notebook as he searched for my eyes, staring into my soul.

“ No, nothing else” I replied, and he began to gather his stuff from the table.

“ Well then I would like to thank you for your time, we will capture those criminals” He said as we bid our goodbyes. It's either that or blood on our hands.

“ Are you alright?” Mr. Grant's voice put me out the trance, I offered him a smile which he returns.

“ Mr. Smith is in the dining room, the food is ready” I could tell that he was a bit hesitant to utter those words, we got to leave, that's what it meant. It wasn't too far away from his room, just a staircase down.

On the other side of the hall I see the stern tall man approach us, carrying two bags in his hands. Mr. Smith had finally returned and so did my hunger. We began eating in silence as guilt continued to devour me. The pancake's taste seemed to be deluded and each bite made me overthink further.

A shoulder surgery shouldn’t take this long.
A bullet went through it, idiot. That inner voice has been nagging and arguing with me. I shove the last piece of my breakfast and finish my coffee.

The steps back to the hallway made my stomach drop once I saw the door wide open. Please be alright, I thought to myself as I got inside the room. There were only two nurses left with him, they seemed exhausted but continued their check-up.

“ He will be fine, You can come closer” With just those words I felt relieved and connected to the floor underneath my feet. I still kept my distance as I watched his chest rise up and down. As if he was never injured.

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