Stuck With You

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Chapter 23

Hailey had called me four times and as I was about to call her back I received a message from her. One that immediately caught my attention.

I’m on my way to your house’

It was enough for me to instruct Mr.Grant to drive to my house instead of the hotel. I couldn't risk her finding out about my situation. She would flip out.

Grabbing my purse and putting it over my head I started to sprint towards my house to avoid getting drenched by the rain again. I managed to get inside my verandah and take a last glance of my surroundings just as I was about to grab the door handle. I almost slipped on an article, right under my shoe. I bend down to pick since I will probably forget about it and trip on it. An almost grey paper that almost dissolved in my hands. Out of curiosity I read the title not once but twice. I could not believe my eyes.

The Ceo of OWE company daughter is-

That was all I could read since it had water damage, so fragile that it dissolved in my hands. Carefully I held on to the dry parts of the article and entered my home. Immediately I put the article inside of the first drawer I see.

A loud bang went off as I walked down the halls, I froze in shock. My breath got caught in my throat as the floor began moving.

Thump-thump echoed in my ears as I reached for my chest, with wide eyes my gaze darted around my living room. Still in shock by the loud sound I stood still and gasped. The familiar faces held drinks in their hands and confetti all on my white floor.

“ Happy birthday sweetheart” my father said in his heavy British accent, he is the first to speak and the room erupts with congratulations. My mother pulls me into her embrace.

“ Sorry about the floor, they wouldn’t listen” She whispered into my ear as she patted my back. Her warm hands cup my face and swing me gently.

“ Finally, took the perfect picture of you”
I shot a death glare at Midas once I escaped from my mother, he was a teenager with no fear for his life. He proudly showed me the photo from a distance.

“ Come on, you were keeping your eyes closed the entire time” Hailey teased Midas and quickly ducked when a pillow came in her direction.

“Midas, where's your manners?” My aunt slightly slapped him on his back. He rolled his eyes once she started to join my parents outside in the backyard.

Midas disappears once his phone starts ringing. I watched him return to the living room with a bag of chips and without a second thought, he decided to throw himself on my divan.

With a sigh, I took off my shoes and headed into the backyard. I should be enjoying the night with my family but I'm filled with the unease of the unknown.

The rarely used table was covered with all types of food and drinks. If the roof wasn't extended to the outside dining area the rain would have ruined the food.

Hailey walks away from the chaos in the kitchen and hands my glass of wine with a knowing smile. I gladly take the glass and take a sip right away. We settled on the outdoor lounge.

“ You know, a warning would have been fantastic,” I said after another sip.

“ I did, I sent you a message,” She said as she flipped her hair to the side.

“ What a great warning, cheers for that” I said while raising my glass. She brings her forward and meets mine halfway. As we continue our conversation from the corner of my eye I see a dark figure staring at us. My eyes followed the figure's movements. Eagle eyes stared back at me.

I had almost forgotten about her, her looks were of a sweet grandmother but she was far from that. I held my glass up towards her. She grabbed her little puddle and walked off after throwing another displeased look.

“ Can’t believe you guys made it past the lady across the road” I said as I held back a smile,

“She has a stare that snatches your soul, almost lost mine” Hailey said laughing.

” Let's not talk about that, what the hell have you been up to,” She said excitedly, almost making me spill my drink when she pushed my shoulder.

“ I have not done much, just got to know a certain person” Was all I had to say to make her eyes lit up and interrogate me with a thousand follow up questions.

The night was coming to an end as we sat in a circle and played games. Then they began sharing embarrassing stories about me. Which I wholeheartedly denied.

Hailey had left an hour earlier then followed by my aunt with her husband and son.

I decided it was the right time to confront my parents about the old documents, and the newspapers were just the topping.

I carefully spread the document on the table. I hadn’t realized my hands were shaking until I let go of the fragile document.

“ It’s about me right,” I said, I searched for their eyes as they gave each other a look I wasn’t familiar with. They moved closer to the table and squinted their eyes to read. I swear the room lost all air as a gasp left my mother's lips. My father placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

My mother reached for my hand before breaking the silence.

“ Rachel, since you asked you have the right to know” My mother began, she reached for my hand as she stared deeply into my eyes.

“Years ago, you went missing for 15 hours” She began to recall that event and tears started to form in her eyes.

“ 15 hours of not knowing if you were alive, we couldn’t find you. We had to keep it quiet since a letter come to house”

“ They wanted money and no public involved, and of course we were prepared”

“ Then a neighbor found you passed out in the rain, cold and almost lifeless” Silent tears fell from her face. Her warm hands hugged mine.

“ I prayed so hard that day, and thankfully you survived, and no memories of that night was left in your brain. The therapist advised us to not tell you about that night” My father continued when my mother could no longer speak. I could hear his voice tremble.

I shout my eyes tightly, holding on to the tears that threaten to leave.

I wasn't going crazy

My nightmares were memories buried deep, haunting me at my weakest hours.
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