Stuck With You

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Chapter 24

I brought back coffee to Ruben since he craved it for the past weeks. Luckily he has been healing well and already started a workout routine. With the doctor's approval and supervision.

The hospital was as busy as usual and patients kept rolling in. Ylva’s heels mirrored my steps as we walked down the halls. From a distance I saw a doctor and nurse exit his room.

They passed by with a smile and a nod, which I returned. A smile that reminded me of teachers and school. The truth had finally been revealed to me but it only made my life more confusing. I had begun questioning my childhood and memories, I had been kidnapped and thought it was just a horrible nightmare.

It was too realistically to be just a nightmare

I knew deep down there was something more to it but refused to consider it. Refused to turn on the lights, thinking the problem is not there if I can’t see it. The sound of Ylvas steps slowing down snapped me out of my thoughts.

The door was already open and I could see Ruben staring at the window with a frown, it wouldn't be a lot to look at since it was only on the third level. He was probably watching his brother who always came and left at the exact same time each visit. The other day I saw Ruben's father leave the room, the only way I knew was because he looked identical to Ruben’s older brother.

Ylva’s phone began ringing and she shot me an apologetic look before leaving. The room was cold as usual and Ruben departed from the window.

He was now in a long black-sleeved shirt that fell loosely on him and a pair of blue pajama pants.

“ The doctors said you should rest,” I said, dragging out the last word. I hand him the coffee in the process.

“ I’m feeling fine, probably better than ever. But Mr.Clark and Andrews are slowly losing their minds, so they ran when you guys pulled up” He said while taking a sip and hissing once it burned his tongue. But that doesn't seem to stop him since he takes another sip.

“ I saw them a few moments ago, they stopped to chat with Mr.Smith when we entered”

As I took a better look at him I realized his hair had grown a lot, almost reaching his nose. Reminded me of when we first met. He catches me stealing glances like a thief and a pleased smile forms on his lips. I walked to the window to hide blush forming. Get it together Rachel, I thought. I cleared my throat.

“ So, how's your day been?” I said, excepting the usual answers, boring, I just woke up.

“Quite interesting, some cops came by with information,” He said casually and I heard him take another sip. That would explain the police car we passed by and his family.

“They found the shooters and have them in custody” He continued as I turned to face him, I didn't believe the words he just said. His eyes studied me as I stood speechless.

“ In custody?” That was the only thing I could utter as I processed his words. The police got them and probably all the evidence needed to put them behind the bars. Yet from his tensed expression it seemed like he wasn't satisfied with the information.

“ For now, but they haven't found the weapons yet,” He said as he placed the empty cup on the desk.

“ Now with them in custody the weapons shouldn't be hard to find” I said, those fools wouldn't waste time throwing each other under the bus. Ruben pushes his hair back as he glances at the window.

“ Just a matter of time,” He says and places his coffee mug down on the desk beside the window.

There was some water spilled on the desk, where a vase of flowers stood. I grabbed a tissue to clean it. The coffee mug was also near the water so I grabbed it but it slipped through my fingers and crashed on the ground.

“ Shit, I will throw it away,” I said. I began picking the big bits up and threw them in the trash can. When I get to the last bit I feel a stinging sensation on my finger and blood follows.

“ I’m doing so well today” I said as I stared at my finger and the now clean floor.

“ Are you bleeding? Come here let me take a look at it” Ruben was on his feet and his warm hands inspected mine. He then opened the drawer and took out a box with band-aids.

“ Thank you,” I said once he wrapped it around my finger.

“ Are we ready to leave?” Ylva said, she stood at the entrance with curious eyes. I give her a nod before grabbing my bag off the chair.

“ Don’t forget to respond to my text” He said, since he is bored out of his mind and recovering from his injury I have been receiving messages from him.

“ I won’t” I replied and we left the room. The others were supposed to wait for us in the parking lot. Our day had just started and the sky had already turned dark, the wind wasn't cold so that I could be thankful for it.

My phone signal went of as we walked, it was a number that was not saved so I immediately blocked it.

“ Rachel, ” an uncertain voice called out, I followed it and it belonged to a man with a phone to his ear. He stared at me and waved as he approached us.

“ It's really you? Lovely start of the day” He continued, his voice sounded hopeful and yet I didn't feel any pity.

“ Oscar hoped I would see you again,” I said. I stared intensely at him. Ylva’s eyes traveled between the two of us. He dared to call my after everything he had done.

“ Let's talk for a little while,” He said and glanced at Ylva.” In private” He continued.

“ There’s not much to talk about, perhaps there is another lady that's willing,” I said. I saw him flinch for a moment and then I began walking away from him.

” I didn’t even get her pregnant” He said as he grabbed my wrist, his hand grazing the band-it Ruben gave to me. His action prevented me from leaving. As soon as that sentence came out of his mouth I stopped in my tracks, I apparently have been too kind to him.

I turned to look at him in utter disgust, his blue eyes that once reminded me of the peaceful ocean where now looking like a shark infested ocean.

The audacity this man has baffles me, what does he think I would do? Give him brownie points for it.

” At least then you would have gotten something out of cheating” I said as I yanked my wrist from his grip, he stared at me in shock. I knew that hurt him since he always talked about starting a family

” Too bad right?” I continued and I realized Ylva had left my side to call the bodyguards for the rescue.

I take out the sim from my phone and drop it infront of my feets, I take a step forward to him and in the process step on the sim card.

” Don’t bother to call,” I said as I twisted my foot on the sim card, feeling it breaking it into tiny pieces without breaking eye contact. I turned around and walked out of his sight, Instinctively I touched the hand he grabbed making sure he didn’t ruin the band-aid.

“ Move away from her Sir” I heard from behind me.
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