Stuck With You

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Chapter 25

He placed a dark folder on the table and took out some documents. He spread them out in front of me.

“ I couldn't find a lot but this is what we are working with, for now,” Mr.Graham said, he sat relaxed at the leather chair. I nod in response and take the nearest document in my hands.

He came by just a minute ago. It was just the two of us at my private office. I had requested the rest to stay away from my office for the rest of the day.

“ Where do we start? Anything interesting?” I flipped the pages as I quietly skimmed through it. My parents had given me some information but it all came to a dead end.

“ The CEOs of Richmond hotel, John and Amy Richmond were proven guilty of the kidnapping. But only Amy went to jail” He says,

“ Because Johan killed himself before the cops arrived,” according to his expression I was right. I didn't need to read the papers, my parents had confirmed it.

“ Correct, and their only child is nowhere to be found” I frowned at him, there must be something about him.

“In other words? You can’t find more information” I said, it comes out harsher than I expected but it was the truth.

“ He is like a ghost after his second adoption”

“ His first?”

“ Exactly, the couple who adopted him got a messy divorce and ruined important paperwork. After that he vanished and is listed as a missing person” He said and handed me one of the papers.

Have you seen me? Austin John Richmond, a twelve-year-old boy who was last seen at the Greenhill park.

An old flyer with a young blonde-haired boy, with an innocent smile. The familiar face woke a storm inside of me. I wonder what happened to him and if he was alive.

“ It has been some many years since then, the possibility of him being alive is low” He continued, I keep the flyer in my hand as memories of that face flows in.

“Yet there might be a connection to the stalking?” I asked, I understood where this was going and it was not looking good.

“ Perhaps? Maybe it's a relative that is seeking revenge?”

I raised my eyebrows at him and he stared at me as if he just solved the case.

“ Revenge? I’m the one that got kidnapped and logically speaking I should be the one wanting revenge”

I fell back on my chair and left the flyer on the table. The more we spoke the more I felt a headache forming. My ponytail felt tighter than before so I took my hair down.

“ When it comes to crimes being committed, logic is thrown out the window”

The silence was disturbed by a knocking on the door. And before I could give a response the door opens, Ylva with her laptop in her arms and with a blank look on her face.

“ I’m just dropping by to remind you there's a meeting in an hour,” She said while pointing at the clock above the door.

“ We will finish up before that,” I said as Mr. Graham turned to greet Ylva.

“ I will leave guys then” She said and then responded with a slight smile to him before closing the door.

I reached for my cold water bottle and took a couple of sips.

“ That is all for today, I’m telling you we are going to get to the bottom of this” He assured me as he began gathering the papers into the folder. I passed the rest to him.

“ The sooner the better” I said as he stood up to leave. A sympathetic look appeared on his face and he nodded before leaving my office.

My gaze was stuck at my computer screen for a while and it was a signal for me to get some lunch. I needed fresh air before the meeting and the sunlight was dancing in the office, perfect for eating outside. My fingers had already dialed my aunt's restaurant number to order some food. It had been a while since I last ate there.

As I’m on the phone Mr.Smith and Grant enter the office. They greet me with a smile and a nod. I place my hand over the phone.

“I was thinking we could eat outside today? What do guys want to eat” I asked and stared at them? They look at each other for a second and back to me.

“ Anything is fine,” Mr. Grant said and shrugged his shoulders. I glanced at Mr.Smith who nodded at the answer.

“ Triple that order, ” I said to the receptionist on the other line and he told me it would arrive in thirty minutes. I stood up once I was done ordering and we headed towards the company's little garden.

Our walk there is quite but my head is full of conspiracies about the stalker’s motive and why it has been so calm these days.

Maybe I have let my guards down to notice anything.

The stalker has either got better at hiding or I’m getting used to being watched to the point where I won’t notice it. The sky was blue and no clouds could be seen, we had reached the garden and two employees sat beside the big oak tree. We continued into the green garden and settled on the table facing the entrance.

A low sound comes from my phone and as I look at the screen I see a message pop up.

‘You forgot your sunglasses’ and a picture of my shades in his hands appears on my screen. I look at my bag thinking it will be in there but of course I had forgotten them.

I will get them tomorrow’ I send the reply, I looked up as Mr. Smith stood up. I followed his gaze and saw a man riding a car with my aunt's restaurant label. The two men were quick to get to the driver. Another message pops up from Ruben.

They returned as quickly and took each item out of the bag. Shortly after that, the delicious smell entered my nostrils. My mouth began watering as the table was decorated with rice and side dishes.

No, I will give it to you today, the doctor said I'm ready to leave’ I could hear his voice through the message. I was not too surprised about him being able to leave since he had pushed himself to get better. Hopefully, he would not need to go back and I was determined to keep him out of the hospital.

And I knew I had to distance myself from him, from the danger.

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