Stuck With You

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Chapter 26

Ruben’s POV

Six hours ago I was finally able to go wherever I pleased. Freedom was something I had missed since the incident, it almost drove me crazy. Originally I planned to take Rachel out on dinner to talk about us, another thing that drove me crazy. However, my close friends had arranged a gathering to celebrate my release. They had dragged me out of my house two hours ago. I also had no time to inform the bodyguards but it wasn't a problem since there would be security at the gathering.

And now we were at Finn’s yacht since he insisted the weather was perfect for a night out. As the night progressed more people arrived and some of whose names I couldn't remember.

“ See that girl there? She wants to dance with you” I followed Jack’s gaze and saw a short girl smiling at me, she was at the deck below by the bar. I turned back to face a grinning Jack.

“ Won’t happen, the last time you set me up was with a dangerous woman” He rolls his eyes at my recalling. I took up my phone and to my disappointment, there weren't any missing calls or messages from her.

“ Alright, don't come begging for my assistance later” He shrugged his shoulders as he went for the stairs.

I laughed at him as he joined the crowd down below. The music became faint as I searched for Finn around the less crowded spot. It didn't take me too long to find him with two other guys smoking in a corner. There was a couch placed a few feet away from them and I sit down after calling Finn.

“ I thought you had stopped smoking?” I said once he sat at the opposite side and placed a pack on the table between us. He didn't answer so reached to grab a pack.

“ I tried-put it down, you just got out of the hospital,” He said once I had grabbed his lighter. He was right but the urge was strong today.

“ Just one, I have been stressed out lately you know” I breathed out and closed my eyes. The sound of the water was calming and the wind brushed past my face.

“ How could we be so blind? Jones was always odd and yet we didn't see it coming” His voice was sharp, I remembered his reaction when the truth was revealed: disgust.

“ Don’t be harsh on yourself, it's normal to not suspect a close friend of something like that” I tried to comfort him as I did with everybody else, seriously from my parents to friends. They all felt guilty about it and couldn't see that it wasn't their fault.

“ I will never understand how a person can be so twisted, and you weren't a bad friend to him”

That was something that I also thought about once I found out who was behind the shooting. The entire time we were thinking it had something to do with the company. Instead, it was Adam Jones, a long-time friend, who refused to explain what his reasoning was.

“ If it had not been me, he would still have targeted one of us,” I said after taking my last blow. The silence wasn't uncomfortable so we sat like that for a couple more minutes.

“ Man, I’m relieved to see you up on your feet again”

I chuckled at his sudden change of mood. I had traumatized him each time he visited me at the hospital. It was his fault since he came at the worst hours where I was in pain.

“ I know you are”

“ By the way, I remember seeing a girl I don't recognize visit you. She was very pretty-” His tone expressed that he was curious and I knew what he was going to ask.

“Don’t even ask or think about it, she is off-limits”

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