Stuck With You

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Chapter 27

“ Where are you?” His voice softened as he spoke, I had ignored his calls for the past few minutes but decided to answer this time. Mainly because my mother was out of sight at the moment, she would ask thousands of questions about him.

“ On my way to a meeting, and you?” I answered, at the same moment I heard my father calling me down. Mr.Grant and Smith had dropped me off at my parent's house earlier.

“ I see, I’m out with some friends but call me once you finish, we need to talk” He sounded anxious and his last words made me anxious. I hear my mother’s heels coming my way so I grab my purse from the table.

“ Alright, I'll call you later,” I said quickly as I hurried out of the house.

“ Rachel, we are going to be late if we don't leave right now,” My mother said as she saw me stepping out of the porch.

“ We can leave now,” I said to my father as we entered the car.

For today's event, I had my hair in a sleek low bun and of course a silky black suit gifted from Hailey. I also had on some accessories like my grandfather's favorite watch and silver jewelry to match. I have been staring at my reflection through the rearview mirror for a while as we drove to the important meeting.

“Darling, can you pass me the box of tissues? It's at your left” My mother said as she made eye contact with me through the mirror. I began searching for the box as she asked and found it where she told me it was.

“ Here,” I passed the box to her and she wiped off the lipstick smudge on her chin.

“ Thank you, your father drives too fast” She complained but her voice was drowned out by my father's humming to the beat of the music.

“ See? I told you I should drive us there” I said after laughing at her annoyed reaction. Originally I had planned to arrive there with the usual company of three but my parents had other plans. So instead we had to drop me off at my house to avoid my parents finding out about the bodyguard situation. They will still attend the meeting but will arrive with Ylva instead.

“ Look at that, we are already here,” My father said as he parked the car. I opened the door and breathed in the fresh air. We were in front of tall buildings and we walked towards the brown one where security stood in front of the entrance.

Today we will finalize the project before next week's show in New York. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. This was something I had worked hard on and the world would be able to see it soon. The feeling grew as we entered the building and stepped into the meeting room.

About thirty people were sitting at the table and their eager eyes were directed towards us. I spotted Ylva’s bronze-colored dress and beside her were the two men in black suits. Feeling a bit calm after that, I began greeting people alongside my parents. Most of them were investors that could not wait for the project to be released to the public.

A warm hand meets my cold one, a short-lived greeting as we both withdraw our hands. He was young compared to the group I just greeted. Behind him, I could see Ylva approaching us with quick steps. My eyes return to his waiting gaze.

“ It has been an honor to work with you” His smooth voice fitted his face, dark green eyes met mine. That’s when I realized that he was the CEO of Hendrix’s Auto, we had only met once face to face otherwise our communication was through emails.

“ The feeling is mutual Mr. Hendrix, I wouldn't want it otherwise,” I said as I returned a pearly smile. Not even a second later another man approaches Mr.Hendrix and Mr. Smith was already by my side.

“ Such an exciting night, right?” I turned to face Mr.Smith who gazed suspiciously at each person that passed by us.

“ Quite exciting,” He said as we approached our table, the food and drinks had arrived before us. Now the introduction was over and we moved to the next segment, the visitors were giving a little tour of our car museum before the big reveal. The perfect time for me to prepare myself a bit more and refresh my makeup.

“ I’m going to the toilet, I will then return to my seat” I informed Mr.Smith as we were close to the bathrooms and his eyes scan for any danger as we get to the hall into the bathrooms.

“ I will wait right here then” He stood right beside the hall's entrance after checking the area. I nodded at him and entered the huge bathroom. As I expected my lipstick had faded so I grabbed it out of my purse and began re-applying it.

After taking one last look at my reflection I decided it was good enough. The sound of footsteps makes me turn around in the huge bathroom. One of the stools was opened and it was a signal for me to get the hell out of there.

Just as I turn around I feel my purse getting yanked out of my hand, my breath gets caught in my throat as I feel a cloth forced onto my mouth.

I instantly push away the hands with gloves. But it seemed to be too late as my vision turned blurry and my breathing became heavy, even then I continued to push the attacker away from me. Soon enough I couldn't stand on my feet and the last thing I saw was the attacker running away.

ldn't stand on my feet and the last thing I see is the attacker running away.

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