Stuck With You

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Chapter 28

Dumbfounded, I stood still on the balcony gazing at the sky. My hand grasps on the balcony railing as I try to relax my jaw.

From a distance, I could hear the music playing as the guests were entertaining themselves. Two hours ago I entered the bathroom and got attacked, I woke up on the nasty cold floor with a headache. Apparently, Mr.Smith got alarmed so he got Ylva to check up on me and she found me passed out. I didn't even have time to think about what happened since I would with Mr. Hendrix launch the new car.

Now an hour after the reveal I quickly left the stage for a breather. Occasionally, I would look back at the crowd to find an answer. My parents chatted with some old friends, they weren't aware that I had been drugged in the bathroom and hopefully it won't be revealed. It would cause chaos and give my parents a heart attack.

So the empty balcony and dark sky were the perfect spots for the moment. I pick up my phone from the table beside me and remember that I told Ruben I would call him. Instead, I decided it was best not to do it at the moment.

“ I have checked this place several times before the meeting for today and there's no exit inside of the bathroom stall. Only the tiny window that could barely fit a child” Mr. Grant who had stood silently beside me spoke up, his brows almost fused as he thought about the attack.

The attacker was certainly not a child but had managed to get inside of the bathroom, the question is how.

“ The attacker must have entered the bathroom way before I went in, waiting for the perfect moment” I let my thoughts run wild as I tried to figure out what had happened, talking about eased the weight of it.

“ How could they escape so fast and from earlier experience with these types of situations, the attacker's motive is not drugging the victim,” He said as glanced at the hall.

“ A message, that I’m easy to kill, what else could it be?” I said feeling defeated, deep down I knew my life could have been lost today but admitting it out loud felt strange.

“ Either way something is not adding up, something is off” He sounded as frustrated as I was.

Hell, the whole event was off and it has been like that for the past few months. There were no words for the rage and embarrassment I was feeling at the moment.

How could I be so foolish?

“ Off?” I asked.

“ Yes, this stalker knows too much and appears at odd times”

The hair on my arms rose as I tensed up from the cold wind and the dropping feeling in my stomach. Our eye contact was broken when somebody coughed.

“ Here's some water” Ylva, my savior for the day, passed me a cold glass of water and held a chocolate bar in her other hand.

“ Have some chocolate too, your blood sugar is probably low”

“ Thank you for everything today, I mean it” I thanked her for the third time this evening. She responded with her typical ‘you're welcome but I didn't do anything big’ smile.

“ That was really nothing, just rest for a while okay?” I nodded at her with a half-smile. She waved goodbye to Mr.Smith before disappearing into the crowd. She passed by Mr.Grant who was headed towards us with sharp steps.

“ We have sent a couple of guards to search for the attacker,” He announced once he had reached us. Behind I could see my mother waving at me with a curious expression, signaling for me to come to her.

“Alright, in the meantime I will guard Mr.Owens while you keep us update”

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