Stuck With You

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Chapter 2

A mess, that is the perfect description of my reflection at the moment.

My dark eyes seemed darker than usual, it might be the elevator light or perhaps deprivation of sleep.

I can already see a stress pimple grow on my chin, a few hours of stress and it's already reflecting on my face.

Usually, I handle stress pretty well, but this is a new type of stress.

" This is exactly what I needed" I put on my pitch-black shades and pulled on my hoodie to hide my messy hair.

The elevator doors suddenly opened and I moved from the mirror, a short brunette entered whilst typing on her phone. She stands beside me without a glance at me.

She is wearing a uniform so I can assume she is new here.

The elevator door opened and I quickly walked to Mr. Graham's Office, my family's private lawyer.

The best thing I did today changed into sweats and sneakers instead of coming here without changing out of the dress and heels.

His door is wide open as usual, he sees me come in and continues to talk on the phone.

I pull out the chair in front of his desk, as I sit down he starts to write on his block. I take the letter out of my bag and slide it over to him.

" Yes, that would be great," He said, taking a deep breath in.

His almost grey eyebrows are currently back at their regular place. I would get a headache by lifting them for that long. I take off my shades and place them on the table.

He lays his phone down and acknowledges my presence. It seems like every time I see him his bald spot expands further on his head.

" So what shall we do? I'm not going to lose any more sleep over a childish stalker," I said, both of us being aware that my statement is factual.

"Right now we are going to build a case against the offender and while that is happening you will hire bodyguards," He said, clearly disagreeing with me whilst looking through the pictures.

" The first part is necessary, but bodyguards? Come on Mr. Graham, you think I have a black belt in karate for no reason?" I said, I crossed my arm. Now it was my time to raise my eyebrows at him.

" Exactly why you need bodyguards, look at this picture," He slides a picture of me at the age of fifteen in a karate class.

" This person knows about your ability and still decided to target you, they have been watching for a long time," He starts to tug on his thick beard, he has a point.

" I understand that and also let's keep it between us until it is resolved" I can not have my parents knowing about this, they will worry too much.

It reminded me of when I broke my leg in high school and they wanted to take the school out of business. And if they knew about this they would have the FBI involved.

" As long as you follow my orders, I have contacted a good friend of mine and he will provide you with security," He gives me a stern look. I nod in response and put my shades back on.

" I will, keep me updated," I pick up my bag from the floor and walk towards the door.

" Keep your phone on," He said as I closed the door on my way out. Nine out of ten times my phone is on 'not disturbed'. Something everybody seemed to complain about.

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