Stuck With You

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Chapter 29

Ruben's pov

“ Don’t stay in the office for too long, alright?” I said to my brother as I got ready to leave for the night. He tends to spend the entire night at the office like he does not have a house.

“ I will try,” He said as I closed the door behind me. The hall was almost empty as most of the employees went home an hour ago. I decided to use the stairs instead of the escalator since the doctors advised me to move a lot.

From the top of the stairs, I saw a familiar face that chatted with the man at the reception. As I got closer I could see the short blond hair that was covered with a huge hat.

Sylvia or Silver, I couldn't remember her name but I knew she was Rachel's assistant. My eyes began searching for her but she was nowhere to be seen. I watched her take some tickets from the receptionist and I managed to stand a few feet from them without being noticed, not that I cared.

“ I gave you three tickets, right, for tonight's flight?” He asked as he checked the computer.

“ Exactly,” She said.

“ Great, I wish you a wonderful time in Hawaii,” he said with a smile.

“ Thank you, have an enjoyable weekend,” She said.

And before I could ask anything she went for the exit. I thought back to my conversation with Rachel last night and she didn't mention traveling to Hawaii. The more I thought about it I realized something was bothering her, but she changed the subject when I had asked her.

She won't cancel the date

She agreed to meet me tonight for dinner. Around the same time when the last plane to Hawaii would leave.

There would be three flights to Hawaii today and one had already departed while the second is about to leave in two hours. It must be the third plane that they are leaving with.

Rachel might be leaving in a couple of hours and the date hasn't happened yet.

The thought woke something up in me and I knew I had to meet her before she left. So I picked up my phone and dialed her number. Anxiously I waited for her to answer.

“Sorry, I just heard the phone ringing” She had answered right before the last signal. I passed the exit and saw how dark the sky had turned.

“ It’s alright, when can I see you tonight?” I said, testing the waters. She was silent for a moment and so was I.

“ Actually, we can meet right now, I finished for the day,” She said casually and I had to fight the smile forming.

“ Great, are you at the company?” I asked as I entered my car. I saw myself in the rearview mirror and caught my messy hair.

“ No I already left there, I’m by the beach and I just saw an interesting restaurant there”

“ Then I will be there shortly” We hang up the phone and I start driving to the destination

The beach was a perfect spot for tonight and the stars seemed to align with me. The ride wasn't long because the beach was located close to our second building.

I stared at the picture she sent me of the restaurant as I searched for it. My search came to an end when I saw the name of the restaurant flashing.

Music was blasting through the street as I entered the restaurant. It was filled with couples that seemed to enjoy the night.

“ Hello, Mr.Carter, she is waiting by the balcony” Mr. Smith was standing beside the entrance.

“ Hello, Mr.Smith, nice to see you too,” I said as I followed him, he headed to what I thought was the balcony.

There were some tables occupied but it was quiet here compared to the middle of the place. I spotted Rachel chatting to Mr.Grant as we approached them. She was wearing a white dress-up shirt with no tie, similar to what I was wearing. A black dress-up shirt with a black tie which I had worn to the meeting earlier today. Mr.Grant gets up and joins Mr.Smith on the table a few feet away.

“Have you eaten yet?” Was her way of greeting. I
pulled out the chair in front of her and sat down.

“No, I’m starving, what about you?” I asked as I met her gaze. She placed her phone on the table and picked up the menu.

“ I ate a while ago but I’m hungry now,” She said as she looked through the menu. A waitress came by to take our orders and left with the menus.

“ Look, the moon is so bright, right?” She pointed at the sky and I followed her gaze before turning it back to her.

Her dark hair was in curls that rested on her shoulders. She grabbed some and tucked them behind her ears. My heartbeats were almost as loud as the waves crashing against each other. I never felt nervous around her but something about the way her eyes overpowered the light coming from the candles, or the fact that her laughter sounds like a song.

Drawing me in like a siren does to fishermen before drowning them.

I cleared my throat and thoughts as I heard her ask me something.

“ What did you say?”I said.

“ You are awfully quiet today,” She said as she reached for her glass, I held back a smile while she took a sip of her drink. If she only heard how loud my mind was for the moment she would probably tell me to hush.

“ I thought you would appreciate it,” I said with a smile, one that made her laugh. The waiter came with our food and placed the plates on the table.

“ Thank you,” we said at the same time, the waiter let out an awkward laugh before leaving. She ordered some fancy spaghetti with shrimp while I chose to eat lasagne.

“ Are you leaving the country tonight?” I said after she took her first bite. She shook her head with a confused look on her face.

“ And if you're planning on it, don't. Rachel, I don't know if you have realized it yet but I like you” I said, I let out my feelings for her and watched her absorb my words. At first, I thought she had not heard what I said since she stopped chewing her food but then I caught her cheeks changing shades. The sight eased my worries as I waited for her response.

“ Since when?” She said after taking a sip of her drink. At first glance, she was a pretty woman but I caught feelings for her each time we spent time together. I wanted to get to know her even more if that was possible.

“ Since the auction, since our first kiss-” I started counting the times I fell deeper and deeper for her before she cut me off.

“ Alright I hear you and everybody else in here,” She said as she grinned at me, I swear I could go on and on to receive that smile again.

“ Then give us a chance,” I said as I intertwined our hands beside the table. I tugged on her hand not caring about the stares and whispers from the other tables.

“ I want to give us a chance but how can I when danger is around me? It would be selfish” She said and she looked at me as if she saw my entire life flash by her. I brushed my thumb over her hand to calm her down.

“ Listen, we can not predict the future but we can live in the moment, so let's give us a chance to exist in the future” I reasoned and I hoped she understood each word I said.

“ I will give us a chance,” She said as she looked at our hands and my heart almost stopped but even then I would die happy.

I couldn't stop smiling as she began asking me about my day. Her phone screen turned bright as I was about to respond to her questions but I stopped once she reached for her phone with her free hand. When she looked at the screen a frown formed on her face. The frown quickly turns into shock when she lets go of my hand and places hers in front of her mouth.

“ Rachel, are you alright?” Her eyes were still glued to her phone and from her eyes rapid movements, I could tell that she was watching something.

“ My parents are in danger,” She said, her voice was almost too faint for me to hear. She pushes her chair back and stands up, still in a state of panic. I stood up immediately and I could see Mr.Smith and Grant hurry to get to us.

“ I will drive, just tell me where” I knew not to ask too many questions, for now, I placed some money on the table and grabbed my keys. Rachel begins to frantically call her parents as we exit the restaurant.

“ What happened?” Mr.Grant said, his eyes searched for any danger but found none. Mr. Smith followed us with no questions.

“ Her parents are in danger,” I said as we entered my car. I quickly started my car and waited for an address.

“ The stalker sent me this,” She said, breaking the silence. She sat behind me with Mr. Grant and Mr.Smith beside me. She turned her phone to us and a video popped up. I turn my head to watch the video closely.

It showed a man and a woman in a bedroom. The dark-haired woman is taking clothes out of her wardrobe and the man is sitting in a chair and drinking something out of a cup. The angle of the camera suggested it was located on the ceiling, very high up and it didn't look like they knew about it. Once the video ends a message is showcased with big letters.

Rachel, tell them I said hi!

A knot forms in my stomach and I wonder how twisted that person is. The atmosphere changed into a cold one as each one of us took in what we just saw.

“ We need to leave now,” She said, her voice almost cracked and I swore that the bastard would pay for it. With her directions, we began driving to her parent's home pushing past the limits.

“ I will alert the police,” Mr.Smith said, his phone was already by his ears. My eyes were on the streets waiting for the signal to turn green. We continue driving for ten minutes once it turned green and we were getting close to a gated community.

“ Park right there” She points at a corner beside the white gates. The place was empty so I had no problems parking the car. Her car belt is off before I take out my keys and by that time the three of them are on their feet. I closed the car door after me and jogged after them. A part of me calms down when I see no smoke or fire coming from the house but there are countless other things to worry about. The gate was already open when we approached it.

“ This is not good, the gate is never left open,” Rachel said, she started to pick up her pace, and with her keys ready she didn't waste any time opening the big oak tree door.

Mr. Smith and Rachel were first to enter the home. Our steps were the only thing that could be heard otherwise it was silent, no sign of her parents. It was dark before Rachel turned on the lights, I prayed that they had just gone to sleep.

“ We will go up to the bedroom, you two can search this floor,” Mr.Smith said as he followed Rachel up the stairs. The house is not huge but it had a big living room but my attention turned to the kitchen since smoke was coming from there. Mr.Grant followed close behind as I entered the empty kitchen.

“ Shit,” I said when I saw a newspaper burning inside of the sink. We hurried to stop the fire from spreading. The newspaper was black and I coughed from the smoke entering my lungs.

“ This fire is recent, otherwise this entire kitchen would be on fire,” Mr. Grant said, I nodded since he said what I was suspecting. Our heads snap to the hall as we heard heavy footsteps coming from the stairs.

“ They're not here, we searched everywhere,” Rachel said once she came inside of the kitchen. She sounded out of breath and like she didn't believe her own words.

“ This was taped on the camera, one ticket” Mr.Smith held a ticket with Rachel's name on it. A plane ticket to be specific and I felt the knot in my stomach become tighter and my heart dropped.

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