Stuck With You

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Chapter 3

I brought the hot bitter coffee to my lips, every sip numbed my tongue and reminded me of why I don't drink coffee.

Spending the night at a hotel was not a great idea, especially when your neighbor goes out and returns every fifth minute.

And take in the fact I can't fall asleep in a new environment, my brain works against me. Since Mr. Graham signed me up for security I also have to stay in the hotel he chose.

" And that's why we should work with Mrs. Daniels instead of Hendrix's GM," The presenter said, today is our company's monthly conference meeting.

"Alright, that is all for today," The CEO replied, who is also my father. Everybody starts to pack their belongings as they leave the conference room.

For the past six months, I have been working beside my father so that everybody gets used to when the change happens. The eldest kid is from day one trained to take over the company when they reach the age of thirty-one. At the age of twenty-four, it's a must to become the Co-owner, a lengthy tradition in the Owens family.

I closed my MacBook and put it inside my bag, getting ready to leave.

" Rachel, another nightmare?" My father asked staring into my dark brown eyes, one of the few facial features we have in common, I could tell he was concerned about my health. He probably saw that I was making an effort to not yawn under the conference.

" Yeah, you know how it's. I'm going to Haile's," I said casually as I changed the subject, technically he was right only this time it's not a dream.

He nodded in response and turned his attention to his computer.

" I'll call you later," He said as I walked out, I gave him the thumbs up.

" Oh by the way can you tell mom, that I won't make it to the spa today?" I said, we go there three times a week. If I tell her she will get upset.

But today I'm going to be busy getting the important items from my house to the hotel.

" Yeah, don't worry about that, she went on a vacation with her sister," He said, sounding grumpy.

" What? She didn't tell me" I said, feeling betrayed.

" They went to Greece and she told me to tell you, they will be back in two weeks," He said, I don't know if I should be relieved that she is away whilst this case is ongoing or mad she left with my permission.

" Unbelievable, I'm going to call both of them," I said as I walked out, he gave me thumbs up as a response.

Who do they think they are? Grown women? Absolutely not.

I took the stairs down since the meeting was a level above the exit.

My childhood friend and also my only friend is leaving for Spain tomorrow, she is also preparing to take over her family's company.

She will only be gone for two months, which means I will be having an even more non-existing social life.

The sound of my ring signal interrupts my inner monologue. I take it out of my jeans, it's none other than Mr. Graham, my other social source.

" Hello?" I said as the August summers hot and humid air surrounded me, thankful that I wore a t-shirt.

" Have you read my message?" He asked, I remember seeing one but I was too tired to read.

" No, I was in a meeting"

I entered my car and placed my bag in the passenger seat.

" There has been a change in the plan," He said casually. I frowned at his statement.

" A change?" I asked as I turned the engine on, I reached for my seatbelt.

" Yes, Since we need the bodyguards right now you will have to share with another client" He said, I released my grip on the seatbelt, shocked by what he just said.

"Come again?" I asked, I probably heard him wrong because of my lack of sleep.

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