Stuck With You

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Chapter 4

" Come again?" I asked, I probably heard him wrong because of my lack of sleep.

" I know this is not what we planned on and they are the only high-security company that is willing to hire out bodyguards in such a short time," He replied.

My fingertips gently massage my temples, to calm me down. What more can go wrong?.

" Alright, I guess I can deal with that" I tried to convince myself, their bodyguards are more like a disguise than protection. When the time comes I will defend myself since I'm capable of it.

" That's great, The bodyguards will arrive in the morning so stick to the hotel until then," He said and ended the call, I started to drive towards the hotel.

I see an Ice cream ad on the side of the road reminding me that tomorrow is Tuesday, the day of the week where I buy ice cream cake.

People usually give me weird looks when I tell them I got to get my weekly dose of Ice cream cake. I understand that it sounds weird but this is a tradition made 13 years ago by me and my grandparents.

It is truly my favorite spot on this earth, if I have a bad day I go there or even if I have a good day. If I could take the feeling it gives me, I would take it with me everywhere.

I used to hate tuesday because it was a day full of activities I didn't enjoy but my parents wanted me to do. My sweet grandparents decided to make it better by eating Ice cream cake at Billy's Ice Station, an old store besides their house.

And every since then we continued with it, as a trio first then a duo and now I go there alone.

I squint my eyes at the view as I'm getting near the hotel, I see a bunch of people standing outside of the hotel.

As I get closer I can see that they have banners, are they protesting or waiting on some celebrity?.

I stopped at the entrance of the hotel as a security guard approached my car. I take off my shades before he tells me to.

" Hello ma'am, can you show me your identification," He said as he stood beside my window. I take out my I.D and my hotel card.

" What is going on?" I asked, hopefully, he knows.

I displayed it to him and he checked if they were legit, he looked at the crowd, "Well this hotel is famous for celebrities" He said as he gave back my cards and the gates opened and. " I see that," I said as I put my black Dior shades on and started my engine.

" Have a good evening ma'am" He said cheerfully and I responded with a smile and drove in through the gates. The hotel garage is underground which makes sense now.

I parked my baby, a car that I designed, and made my way towards the elevator.

Ready to take off my heels for the day, although I love them and keep on buying them. it's clear that love is one-sided.

I press on the entrance button and walk-in when the doors open, I press on the number leading to my floor.

As I enter the empty elevator I immediately take off my heels since my door is not too far away from the elevator, and my toes are begging for mercy.

I must admit that this place is very fancy compared to what I was expecting. The hotel is decorated with a rose gold color.

This elevator is white, almost blinding. I pull out my phone to call my dear mother, but no answer.

She is probably outside and getting a tan, and of course ignoring me.

A loud noise catches my attention, I look at the elevator door as it opens.

The first thing that comes to view is what was causing the loud turmoil, a helicopter. This hotel has a landing place in the most random place.

It's raining so heavily that I almost couldn't see the shadow of a man entering the elevator. As I was about to move to the side instead of staying in the middle, I feel the raindrops on my face.

I took off my shades in shock at this man's action, he closed his wet umbrella right in front of me.

" What is wrong with you," I asked with a harsh tone. I take a closer look at him, he is wearing jeans and a simple white t-shirt.

" Me?" He said in response as he stood on the opposite side, I stared into his brown eyes in disbelief. I took a quick look around the elevator and returned my gaze towards him.

" I don't know about you, but if you look closely there are two people in here," I said as I pointed at him and myself.

"Yeah and one of us is wearing shades inside," He said as he turned his head down and started to shake his head, his short brown hair. Just enough to hit me again.

" It's fashion, something you need to work on" I replied, I almost cringed at what I just said. But of course I won't show that.

He chuckles as he looks at the heels in my hands, " Being barefoot is also fashion, huh?" He asked with an ironic tone.

" Everything I do is fashionable, keep up," I said, staring at the elevator door, hoping it would open soon.

And thankfully it did open, I walked out before the door was fully open and to my surprise, he also walked out.

He walks a bit faster than me, I mentally scream when I realize which room is his. He fishes up his keys in his back pocket as I reach my room.

" So you are my neighbor?" He said smiling sheepishly. I opened my door ready to go to sleep for the day.

" Not for too long," I said as I smiled back at him, ironically. I closed the door before he could respond.

I drop the shoes on the floor and make my way towards my room.

I'm going to take a shower and then get some food delivered.

" That's a good plan," I said to myself as I massaged my toes.

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