Stuck With You

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Chapter 5

These past two days I have been staying inside the hotel, I had to convince my father that I was sick but not sick enough for him to come by and check on me. The bodyguards were supposed to arrive yesterday but they couldn't since one of them was changed out.

Mr. Graham sent me the information about the security company, I now know how they look like and their names. After a while of memorizing the crew, I pick up my phone.

I scroll through my Instagram feed as I wait for the arrival of the bodyguards.

With my other hand, I bring up the spoon full of yogurt and berries to my mouth. Carefully so that I don't spill it on my knee-length white summer dress.

Today the heat is almost unbearable, still, I chose to wear my white Nikes since they match with my dress.

I have some errands to run today so I will have to leave the hotel. I have adjusted to the hotel but I however miss my own home.

And the fact that I have to have new people around is slowly getting to me, I rather stay inside all day.

'We are here now ma'am' the message was from none other than the bodyguards.

I hastily put away my empty bowl in the dishwasher and grab my brown Chanel bag with white details. I open it up and reach for my black shade.

On my way out I put my hair in a messy low bun.

I locked the door and walked through the spotless hallway into the elevator. I pressed on the button leading to the basement.

The anxious feeling grew strong as I was getting closer to the basement level. I take a deep breath in and exhale, I repeat it a couple of times.

" You got this Rachel, you're a successful business woman who shouldn't be anxious about this," I said as I tried to sound convincing enough.

The sound of my ringsignal brought me out of my thoughts, I see the ID caller is Ylva, my assistant.

" Hello Ylva" I said as the elevator door opened, I took a glance at myself before I walked out. I turn my attention to the two familiar muscular men in dark-toned shirts and jeans, behind them is a 2019 Cadillac Escalade.

" Miss Owens, where are you? I have been waiting outside the building for a while now" She replied.

" I will be there within thirty minutes, go in and have a seat," I said as I made my way towards the security. I put my phone back in my bag.

" Hello Miss Owens, we're your security from Atlas Security," The one with a beard said as he held his hand out, I shook it and did the same with his companion.

" You can call me Grant and this guy beside me is Smith" He continued as the one with grey eyes nodded.

" Nice to meet you guys," I said as I smiled at them, Smith opened the door to the black Cadillac. I got in the car and placed my bag in my lap.

" We are going to meet Mr Carter at Mr Graham's office" The driver Andrews said as he started the car.

" Alright" I replied as I put on my seatbelt, upbeat music from the radio started to fill the car easing the tension a bit.

When the car began to move I decided to zone out until we arrived since LA traffic is outrageous. Having road rage here is typical.

The car door opens as we arrive at our destination. I take off the seatbelt and grab my bag in the process.

We enter the building with me in the middle, we make our way into Mr. Graham's office.

I see Ylva a couple of feet away drinking some coffee in front of his office. She puts her coffee down on the table when she sees us.

" Ylva, meet Mr. Grant and Mr. Smith from Atlas Security," I said whilst they shook hands.

" Hello, I'm Ylva Miss Owens' assistant" Ylva replied in a monotone voice, she's very shy when meeting new people.

The door was already open so we walked into the room, in front of Mr. Graham's desk three men were seated with their backs towards us.

" Great, everybody is here now," Mr. Graham said enthusiastically when he laid his eyes on us. The three unknown men all turned their heads around to see who Mr. Graham greeted.

The one in the middle immediately caught my eyes, he was wearing a black suit and his short dark brown hair was a bit messy. As I take a closer look at him I start to notice his features. Dark lashes with deep brown eyes and a sharp jawline. However, there's something about him that I can't put my finger on.

The four of us take a seat at the empty chairs, the desk is more like a table since all of us can sit on the same side.

I'm seated at the right side beside one of the bodyguards who I recognize from the information form, Mr. Andrews. Ylva is right besides me and the other two are sitting to the left end.

" I see that both of you have met these skilled bodyguards" He continues as he begins to take two papers out of a folder.

" Miss Owens and Mr. Carter I know this is not what you guy's expected, but I know the two of you will get along," He said as he slid the papers towards me and the man with the black suit.

" How will this work? Both of us are likely not going to be at the same place" I asked as I stared at him, I have been thinking about it for a while now.

" That's why we hired four bodyguards and if you need to seperate" He replied and gestured towards the four similar dressed men. His gaze wandered around us, one of his eyebrows rising upon his dark skin.

" Mr. Smith and Mr. Grant are assigned to you, Rachel" He points his finger at me," Mr. Clark and Mr. Andrews is with Ruben," He said and leaned back on his chair, satisfied with the pairing.

" Any more questions?"

I grab the pen in front of me as I read through the legal papers. I sign the papers and slide them back to him.

" If we are done now, I have somewhere to be," A low voice said, it belonged to the man in the black suit, his name is Ruben Carter. His gaze wanders around the room before meeting mine, I frown before realizing who I was staring at.

The rude elevator guy

I catch a glimpse of curiosity in his eyes as he excused himself. Mr. Graham takes two out of the four papers and puts them in his folder. I place my copy in my bag, for now.

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