Stuck With You

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Chapter 6

Crazy, is the word I would use to describe this month, out of the 12 months it had to be August. Turning 24 next month is stressful on its own, especially in my family. And now I'm anxiously waiting for this year to end.

My thoughts get interrupted when the waitress appears out of the store with my usual order. She is a regular, hardworking teen and has been working here at Billy’s Ice Cream’s Station for six months. Considering how often I come here it would be odd for me to not notice if a worker left or started.

”An Owens Special for you,” She said in her usual welcoming tone. She gently puts the plate down on our table. While she is doing that I take out my card and when she is done with her task I hand her my card. I have taught her to tip herself well when I come around.

” Thank you, Samantha,” I said and returned a smile. She walks away and passes by Ylva who just came out of the toilet. It has been a while since I stayed here and ate but the nice cooling breeze was enough to change my mind.

Thanks to the store's location- on the third floor of the mall- I could see my house, the house that I have been chased away from. A good distance away from my house there's a newly renovated soccer field that is occupied by three teenage boys, their uniforms were almost as bright as the grass they were running around on. Seeing them having fun and seemingly having no worries brightened my mood.

I take a spoonful of my all-time favorite ice cream pie, soft sweet cookie base and the most delightful vanilla ice cream spread on top of the base. To top it off it has apple and drizzled with caramel sauce, taste it once and you will understand my undying love for it.

“So how long is it going to be like this?” Ylva asked, her gaze wanders around the out-door area. She brings her cup of coffee and looks past me. I turned my head back and made eye contact with Mr.Grant, he was seated in front of Mr.Smith. I turned back to facing Ylva who was taking a sip of the coffee.

“ Hopefully it won't be too long,” I said, as I turned my attention to my plate. Lately, I have been questioning myself, wondering how long has this been going on? Have I spoken to that person?. So many questions but no answers.
I feel like the stalker will soon lose interest in me, it’s not like I’m a celebrity or remotely an interesting person to spend that much time on.

It has gotten dark outside and we arrived late in the evening. I placed my spoon on the empty plate. I stand up and so does Ylva. Just a second after that the two muscular men are up on their feet scanning for danger.

“ Miss.Owens, these are for you,” Samantha said as she placed a bouquet of- dark red, almost purple-roses on my table, she then began to clean the table. Before I can take a closer look at the bouquet Mr.Smith decides to intervene and grabs the bouquet, he carefully plucks out the roses. He takes out what looks like a card, his grey eyes turn cold for a split second. He hands the card to Mr.Grant before he turns his gaze towards the working teenager.

“ Who gave you this?” Mr. Smith asked, his voice was strict. His eyes trained on Samantha, her eyes darted around.” We have an online flower store, you can send flowers anonymously. Is something wrong?” Samantha answered, a frown appeared on her face as she placed the plates down.

Mr.Grant hesitantly hands me the card, the moment I lay my eyes on it I feel heat spread through my face. I clenched my fist and jaw til I had to relax. This was not a card, instead I had a picture in my hand, a picture taken in Hawaii with my parents and I from last year. That was not what startled me, this wasn’t a copy the triangle cut on the corner disproved that.

This person has been in my house, specifically my bedroom where I kept this picture.

“ Go and get your manager, ” Mr.Smith ordered Samantha, I saw her feet hurriedly run past me.


Every time I close my eyes today's event starts to play in my head. I feel violated by a coward who hides behind bizarre messages, it’s like I’m being haunted by a ghost. I rolled around in the unfamiliar hotel bed trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’m at the point of counting sheep yet my brain refuses to let me sleep, but my eyes are obeying my commands, getting heavier every second as I lay down on my bed drifting off to sleep.

I took a deep breath inhaling the air outside, it smelled like it would rain soon. I swung my backpack-that was heavily filled with homework for next week- over my shoulders.

As I entered my neighborhood I saw a boy wearing a similar uniform as me sitting down on the path with his back facing towards me. I jogged towards him to see why he was sitting there.

“ Aj? Why are you sitting here?” I asked, and I bent down a bit to get a better look. His green eyes moved quickly away from my gaze. I also noticed that he had his hands covering his knees.

“ I fell off my skateboard, embarrassing” He mumbles and points at the skateboard that has made it down the little hill. When he pointed he lifted up his hand and in the process, I saw his bloody bruise. I offered him my hand.

“ Come on, let’s walk you home” I said as I held out my hand for him, he hesitated a bit but decided to grab hand. When he grabs my hand he suddenly turns into darkness and instinctively I push him away.

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