Stuck With You

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Chapter 8

The mountain of documents became significantly smaller since I arrived this morning, our company is expanding at great speed and of course, the paperwork follows it. I’m thankful that I told Amy to move this month's reports to my second office instead of the main one.

I settled down in my second office since it has much more privacy compared to the main one that has a glass wall all around it and to top it off it is placed at the highest deck. I wasn't in the mood to be watched by the entire company today, I already have a growing issue with that.

Even though this office is smaller than the main it has pictures and paintings hanging on the white wall. I remember being here for the first time with my grandpa as he explained the history behind it. This room was a mini-museum of our car's developments, it even has a picture of the first car I designed when I was five. The bright Purple color on the car and outside of it since I couldn't paint within the lines stands out amongst the other paintings. The factor that ties it all together is the finger-looking golden wings on each side of the car, till this day dad jokingly asks me if it’s going to make it into the year’s collection.

A knock on the door catches our attention, I watched the only other person in the room instantly stand up. Mr.Smith puts down his newspaper neatly on the glass table in front of the sofa then opens the door. It’s none other than Mr.Grant who is carrying our lunches, his strength and balance is admirable. Mr.Smith takes some of the stacked containers and goes back to the table. I close my tabs and head towards the table where we all gathered. The empty table was now covered with food.

“ Here is your Gyros,” Mr. Grant said as he placed it by my side. I was about to sit down but stopped when I realized there was no water on the table and Ylva who left with Mr. Grant was missing.

“ Thank you, Where is Miss Stone?”

“ She went to the cafeteria to get some water,” Mr.Grant said as he moved his blonde hair from his eyes. I nodded and walked towards the door.

“ I will help her, be back in a second” I said quickly because otherwise Mr.Smith would insist on coming with me, I didn't want that since I already feel bad about having them follow me everywhere I go.

My office is secluded from the rest of the building so it takes a while to reach the cafeteria, the central part of the building. There's only one way to enter my office, through an elevator that only a couple of people can use. Which is a blessing if you ask me.

When the doors open to the central level I’m greeted by the view of a struggling Ylva, she is hugging on to four water bottles. I take two from her hands, she sighs in relief.

“ There you are, I’m going to get some sauce and napkins from the cafeteria” I said as I exited the elevator, her blue eyes turned big and I swear this is the first time she reacts like that. Which threw me off-guard since she is a person of few expressions.

“ I will come with you” She said without missing a beat, I try my best to not react to shock but my eyebrows have their own will. She ignores my gaze and starts to walk towards the cafeteria.

I make a mental note to not leave Ylva alone with the two buff men, she seems stressed about it. Ylva stops as we near the cafeteria and just as I’m about to question her I hear a voice filling the hallway.

” She has a cold demeanor, very stubborn,” The same high-pitched voice proclaimed, I stopped at the half-open door. The room then erupted with mumbling, I rolled my eyes at their obsession with gossiping and especially at workplaces. You would think adults are smarter than that.

“ I heard that she is on vacation as we speak” Another voice chipped in the conversation, which confirmed my growing suspicions. I’m the she they are talking about. I felt a tug on my lip, a half-smile was plastered on my face. From the corner of my eye I see movements so I put my arm out to stop Ylva who was about to storm in.

“ I can’t believe that brat is going to take over soon, she's anti-social”- A male worker in his fifties spoke, I have heard him talk about me a couple times and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t entertaining to hear him speak about me like that. Because otherwise, he acts differently when I’m around. I hear a woman laughing at his rant. I have always known that people were going to judge me. Mainly because I’m a woman, If you think about it, every flaw they mentioned about me is something they would praise in a male CEO.

Ylva passes by me and enters the room, their attention turned towards the door.

“ And what about it? This brat isn’t your buddy” I said in a stern voice. Having enough of their gossip and our meeting is about to start. I opened the door further.

” I’m your boss and if my anti-social behavior is affecting your work, quitting is always a solution,” I explained as my eyes wandered around the group of people, staying a second longer on the man in his fifties.

With sauce packages and napkins in her hands Ylva stepped beside me. I take some from her since she seemed to struggle to keep them from falling.

Every single person had a different expression on their face, most of them looked like they just saw the ending of their life. Their silence was loud and clear, I could probably drop a needle on the floor and it would echo.

I glanced down at my watch, ” I will see in twenty minutes” I said as I started to walk out of the cafe room.

We walked in quite back to my office, I began to relax my muscles and jaw as we stepped into my room where I didn't have to worry about judging eyes. The two men exchange concerning looks when I begin to eat in dead silence, I despise the emotions buzzing up in my chest like starving flies. I take a sip of my water and hopefully it will work like insect spray .

Twenty minutes passed by and I was standing in front of the conference room, the reflection of my face was tense and I took a deep breath before I entered the room.

Keep it professional Rachel, I thought to myself.

“ It’s time for the presentation for this week, let’s start with the financial team,” I said before the apologies could roll in. I pulled out my chair which was centered, twenty pairs of eyes darted around the room yet none of them prompted me to look at me.

The advertisement team is first up on their feet but gets back into their seat when they realize the financial team is going before them.

I hold back the urge to shake my head, I grab my pen and lean back on my chair.

7:00 PM

The sun was still shining brightly as I was done for the day. I put on my headphones and walked towards the entrance when I got Mr.Smith’s message.

I have been watching my phone like a hawk waiting for Mr.Graham to deliver some good news, sadly that has yet to come.

I brushed away the couple of hair strands behind my ear, they escaped from my hair tie. The wind was strong today to the point where my blazer was dancing with the wind.

The music is cut short as the phone signal starts to play in my headphones. I immediately stopped holding on to my blazer and grabbed my phone out of my pants pocket.

An incoming facetime call from Hailey, the right person to rant to. Her tanned face took over my screen.

“ So you do own a phone?” I said ironically. I called her three times this morning. Usually, I’m the one asked that question.

“Are you finally wearing it? I knew you missed me” Hailey said ignoring my previous question. I laughed when I realized she was referring to my grey suit, she designed it a couple of months ago. I slightly grip the blazer.

“ This? I wore it cause I look great in it”

“Get it girl” Hailey said as she snapped her fingers. “ Did you fix your nails? Me too” her voice was filled with excitement as she showcases her hand.

“Yours looks great, wait don't tell me that’s-”I stopped mid sentence when lights bounced off her finger, specifically her ring finger that has a big rock on it.

“ It’s is, he proposed to me five minutes ago” Hailey screams and laughs loudly. I started to celebrate with her.

“ Oh my- Congratulations my heart is going to burst in any second now” I gasped when she moved the camera on the ring, it sat beautifully on her finger.

I didn't realize that I walked to the car, until Carter's face popped out of the car. Staring at me as if I have lost my mind. I walked around the car to the other entrance.

“Thank you, I'll talk to you later “ She said when she realised I was outside of the building, wriggling her fingers showing off her new favorite thing. I didn't even get a chance to say anything else.

“ What was that about,” his voice almost scared me since I was up in my head, I put my seat belt on.

“ The beauty of life,” I turned my music back on and started to gaze at the window, becoming one with the slow music.
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