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It is a story about a boy and a mother. The boy is named Rishabh who does not cares for his mother. As his father had died so his mother did everything and never let Rishabh feel a loneliness for his father. His mother fulfilled each and every wish of Rishabh bit Rishabh used to treat his mother very badly. When his mother died in an accident he felt very happy. He stayed with his aunt and uncle. His aunt used to treat him very badly. She used to treat him like a servant and that was the moment when he understood about the importance of mother or rather parents in our life. He understood that those people who have their parents are lucky ones.

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What can be a best gift of God??
It can be an intelligent mind, a sharp memory, good
looks, etc. but the greatest gift of God is Parents, parents
and only parents….
“Those children who have their parents are lucky
Children learns a lot of things from their Parents. A
child learns to walk, learns to talk, learns to speak ,
learns to read and write. Parents are a child’s first
teacher. Parents know how to keep the child clean,
healthy and safe. Parents are the one who are by the side
of their child when they need them. If Parents would not
have existed then we would not have been in this world.
Mrs. Rita was a teacher in a school nearby her house.
She had a son named Rishabh. Rishabh’s father had
expired when he was an year a old due to illness. His
mother was very loyal to him and fulfilled each and everywish that Rishabh longed and never let Rishabh feel the
absence of his father. His mother played the role of both
a father as well as a mother. His mother had no one else
other than Rishabh(in her own family ,she had only
Rishabh but she had cousins) and she loved him loads
and loads….

So it is said ,
“ A mother’s love will never end,
It is there from beginning to end.”
Then also Rishabh was not satisfied from his mother.
He used to treat her mother very badly. He behaved
rudely with her, disrespected her. If he did not liked the
food, he used to throw away the plate which was a very
bad insult for his mother. We must not insult our
mothers , rather parents because they expect a lot from
us and rather we must do things which are beyond their
expectations that makes them proud.One day , Rishabh was going to his school. It was
morning time at around 6 in the morning and the sun
was shinning brightly. His mother called, “Rishuuu, come
fast else you will miss your school bus.” He was in a jolly
mood and was not at all in a mood to go to school and
thought , “ I wish I would have been alone without my
mother. ”

Then something happened, something aghast that
changed Rishabh’s life.
What exactly happened was that his mother was
taking him to school as he had missed his school bus. He
was getting a scolding as usual,“ why do u come late?
Can you not get up early.. and be ready for your
school…..” and it goes till 10 to 15 mins…..
Then said Rishabh,“ why do you every time scold me? I
can’t be punctual because I m not interested in school….i
do not want to go to school…You understand…”He was already very late for school and so his mother
was driving the car in a hurry, scolding Rishabh and not
concerntrating on driving because of which she met with
an accident.
As she was in a hurry , she had forgotten to take her
spectacles without which she was partially blind. Then
also she was driving the car at a speed of two hundred
because she did not wanted her child to miss school.
While driving , a truck came in front of her car and
blowed her away after which he was a bit nervous for his
mother. But as he came to know that his mother was not
alive , he was a bit sad but actually his wish came true .
So he was happy also.
He was living happily with his uncle and aunt. He did
not wanted to go to school and so he told his uncle and
aunt and took a T.C.(Transfer certificate). He was living a
very happy and peaceful life as his mother was not there
to shout at him , to disturb him, to give him bad food,
etc.His aunt used to say him,“go wash the dishes, wipe the
house,bring vegetables and fruits …..” it used to
continue and continue.
Then one day,a magic or a suprising thing happened.
Rishabh started missing his mother and said to his
mother(in his mind) , “ Mom I wish you were alive now.
Aunt does not treat me like you would treat me. She
treats me as a servant. She tells me to wash the dishes,
to dust and wipe the house. She does not even give me
good food. She gives me the leftover food and don’t
cares if my stomach is full or not. She does not even gives
me clothes to wear and…and …. hmmmm…hmmmm….”.
He was silently sobbing.

Then he continued,“ hmmm…since you have
gone ,I am wearing the dresses that you had brought for
me. Pls come back mumma ….I really need you
Pls…hmmm….hmmm…” ……“ if I denied my aunt , sheused to throw me out of the

Then he came to know what happens when a child
loses their mother.

Whenever he used to think of his mother, he heard
a noise which said, “Rishuu, come fast else you will miss
your school bus….”
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