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Create a Warrior Cat Oc!

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This is for all the warrior cat fans out there! Here you can make your very own warrior cat Oc! You can find out there mentor, family, personality, etc! Of course it will be a bit random. Change it if you'd like!

Your Oc's name, rank, and gender!

Ok so for the prefix of your Oc use the first letter of your name (if you don't like it or want to do that pick a random letter) then pick 1 or 2! Match it up!

A1, Acorn
B1, Bee
C1, Ice
D1, Silver
E1, Black
F1, Shine
G1, Fire
H1, Willow
I1, Smoke
J1, Beech
K1, Starling
L1, Leaf
M1, Sun
N1, Bright
O1, Cloud
P1, Swift
Q1, White
R1, Bramble
S1, Lily
T1, Twig
U1, Shimmer
V1, Eagle
W1, Gray
X1, Jay
Y1, Feather
Z1, Storm
A2, Mud
B2, Little
C2, Long
D2, Blue
E2, Bark
F2, Running
G2, Goose
H2, Heather
I1, Flame
J2, Honey
K1, Fern
L2, Dust
M2, Sand
N2, Gorse
O2, Dark
P2, Light
Q2, Petal
R2, Lightning
S2, Reed
T2, Tiger
U2, Lion
V2, Leapord
W2, Tall
X2, Poppy
Y2, Juniper
Z2, Moss

Ok now for the sufix! Pick your birthday month! If you don't want to just pick a random month! (If you don't like it, it doesn't make sense, or it's a double like Poppy poppy just do a different one)

January, Fur
February, Poppy
March, Flower
April, Tail
May, Fern
June, Wing
July, Pelt
August, Flight
September, Cloud
October, Song
November, Sky
December, Heart

Ok now for the gender! Pick a number one to ten then match it up! ( If it doesn't make sense with the name just change it :D)

1, She
2, Tom
3, She
4, Tom
5, She
6, Tom
7, She
8, Tom
9, She
10, Tom

Ok so now the role. Answer these questions.

What leader would you bring back from the dead in warrior cats?

1. Firestar! ( good choice!)
2. Tigerstar MWA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA (Bro what the)
3. Um... what's that one leader you know that one?! (Witch one tho)
4. Bramble star! (He's not even dead from where I am)
5. Tall star! (Wise decision)
6. Broken star! ( you can't even call him a leader!)
7. Crooked star! ( for some reason he always got on my nerves)

Next. Chose a color!

1. Red!
2. Rainbow! ( I said chose A color not the whole rainbow but whatever)
3. Black...(Ok then)
4. Blue!
5. Yellow!
6. Green!
7. Orange!

Last question! Ok chose a type of prey!

1. Mouse! (Your a basic noodle)
2. Starling! (That's more like it!)
3. Vole or water vole (yum)
4. Eagle! Or just any big birds. (How do you even catch those!?!?)
5. Fish! ( welcome to the club)
6. Sparrow! ( good choice!)
7. Rabit! (It's your choice I guess)

Ok find the number you answered the most and find your role!

1s. Your a leader wow! (Replace your sufix with "star")
2s. Hello new medicine cat!
3s. Rouge/kittypet you choose! (If you don't like this just be a warrior)
4s, Start the patrols because your deputy!
5s, Apprentice! (Change your sufix to " Paw"
6s, Apprentice medicine cat! (If your a young apprentice change the sufix to paw other wise just keep the name)
7, By the powers of starclan I give you your warrior name!(if you get this you can be a queen if you want)

That's all for now! Bye!
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