Abnormal World

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In a world gone mad, she was born able to mend wounds just by a single touch. There are some people just as abnormal as her or even stronger, but some of them keep their powers a secret, and some of them aren't afraid to fight against paranormal investigators or even use their power for the pleasure to kill. Being a paranormal investigator, she keeps her powers a secret in order to keep her freedom, little does she know that all the people she know are lying snakes, ready to bite. For how long can she keep her "curse" a secret ? What happens when they get to see each other's true identity ? What happens when the whole world crumbles ? "-We are the same, just like two souls trapped In a cage, which we call "our abnormal world". " This story is full of drama, action, violence, psychological problems, mysteries, paranormal stuff, monsters, and a little "friendship". *Enjoy! Also, sorry about my grammar problems, I'm from another country and I'm new with the English language*

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 0 : Understanding The Broken

"-Ah dreams, aren't dreams beautiful? You daydream all day, every day. I used to do that. "

"My legs were trembling, My heart was pounding so fast like it was going to explode. I ran as fast as possible, then I quickly hid in a small alley. I felt like something is sitting on my chest making It difficult to breathe, and I stopped desperately breathing fast for air. I quickly hid behind the trash can so nobody can find and kill me.
I sat down on the cold ground, "-I'm such a idiot, all those people are dead just because of my incapability and naivety!" I yelled crying to myself as tears were pouring down my cheeks.
"-Is this it? The end? Is this how it's all going to end?" I asked myself as I looked scared at the grey sky almost dark, soon, a storm Is coming making everything more difficult than it already is.
"-Not now, not now, I can panick and hide soon, but not now, those innocent people need me." I said to myself.
I took a deep breath and sat up, "-If that thing Is going to kill me, If I die saving the city, then, I die." I said to myself feeling the fear away from my body. Then, I angrily took my gun loading It, fast, I ran out of the alley, In the empty-like city, now looking exactly the opposite of what It once was, a beautiful city full of people.
I stopped as I found myself being thirty steps apart from the creepy half human monster, I don't think they are seeing me now, a sharp touch of fear hit me as I looked at their dark, long and sharp tentacles. That stupid half human monster with creepy tentacles can stab twenty humans in one minute, "-How am I supposed to kill this?" I told myself with desperation.
Fast, I took my walkie-talkie with my left hand, turned It on, and said, "-I'm in the center, thirty steps behind a creepy human that has tentacles, It had killed ten of our investigators, I'm behind a black car."
"-Are you Alone? Are there any people around? "
I looked around to be sure I'm alone, and I said with worry "-Yes, I'm alone, there aren't any other people around."
"-Hang in there, help Is on the way."
I turned off my walkie talkie, and put It back In my pocket.

" But, little did I know-"

I felt like panic was hitting me, again, this time much worse.
"-Calm down, calm down, help Is on the way. " I told myself, just how stupid I am to think I can fight that paranormal creature alone? "

Without even realizing, I suddenly felt a sharp pain hit my back, I screamed In agony and fear "-Ah."

"-how wrong and stupid I was."

Luckily, the gun was still in my hand, rapidly, without hesitation, I shoot the anonymous which was behind my back, I quickly heard how It fell on the ground, I think I killed that thing.
I weakly turned around just to see It dead on the ground, It's face was full of blood from the shoot.
It had feminine gender telling by the hair and body type, but, I can't really call that creature a woman. "
The pain from my back was enormous, I am sure she scratched me with one of her tentacles, and I quickly touched my back with my right hand.

"-It was all pink flowers and fun, but, the dream was over-"

I looked at my hand, and I saw that my hand Is full of my own blood. I've never saw so much of my own blood, on my own hand."

"I looked at my hand, i felt shock and fear flowing in my body, this is a true nightmare. "

"-I... I.." I said to myself trembling like a scared puppy, now, It Is truly over.

Suddenly, I heard a shriek from Behind my back, quickly, I turned and saw nothing. "

"-and the dream quickly became a nightmare full of dead corpses and blood.

I looked at my bloody hand, and I suddenly felt someone grabbing me behind my back, I quickly tried to scream, but the stranger blocked my mouth with his hand, making my scream impossible to be heard. He tried drag me, I rapidly started hitting him with my hands, It was a man, but my wound was weakening my body. And In this moment, there's nothing I can do. "

"-A nightmare where you can't escape, and even If you do escape bodily, It will forever scar mentally, making you traumatized or even crazy, just like the other people In this Twisted World. "
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